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  1. Carl Fogarty's garage

    Amazing collection thanks for posting it.
  2. Want an Enduro bike but completely confused!

    I now live in NZ and wanted a bike that i could use on road as well as off. I am not sure of the UK specs but my shortlist was the Yamaha WR250 and Honda CRF250X. I was initially going to go for a 450 but decided on the smaller,lighter option. Either of these bikes are excellent for the dual role purpose (imo).
  3. Hows this for a courtesy car???

    You must be a very very good customer, superb !
  4. WR450F or CRF450X

    Thanks Tiny12 - some good points.
  5. WR450F or CRF450X

    I am a novice as far as off road riding goes and only 5ft 9 small. The WR was the one i was leaning towards but that might be because my lad rides a TTR110 and he wants us to have matching bikes !! Most of my riding will be with him so it'll be by no means advanced in any way. The 250 /450's are pretty similar in price and if i went for a 250 i'd hate to be wishing i had the 450 in 6 months. Thanks for your input Mort.
  6. WR450F or CRF450X

    Being a former road biker and now living in NZ i am about to embark on a bit of trail / enduro riding. I have narrowed the choice down to the Yammy WR450F or the Honda CRF450X 2008 / 2009 models. Does anyone have any experience of these bikes and think that i am perhaps better of starting on the 250. Any other opinions / advice gratefully received. Thanks
  7. Toureg R50 V10 tdi !!!!!

    No need to be sorry mate, each to his own.
  8. I just think all the options as i cant think this is standard (preparing to be corrected) make this Toureg look stunning ?
  9. Aussie R36 Wagon Review

    I think you may now find your inbox rather full
  10. Aussie R36 Wagon Review

    Glad you like it mate - am considering one myself. I'll look forward to your pictures soon.
  11. Hello from Sydney

    Welcome mate - look forward to the pics.
  12. Passat R36 Wagon in Auckland...

    Just spotted at Tristram European - Auckland a black R36 Wagon. $85,990 NZD. First one i have seen.
  13. New Freelander, any horror stories yet ?

    If you really must do SUV4x4, there are better choices... [/ QUOTE ] In the winter here we do get quite a bit of snow and i need the ability to get up the mountain to the ski area. There are also some cracking off road routes that the likes of an Audi Allroad might struggle with. I have considered the X3 but dont like the looks. Same goes for the Subaru, thought about the CRV but its to boring, had an XTrail and didnt like the quality or lack of it.
  14. New Freelander, any horror stories yet ?

    Thanks. Sat Nav is not important to me here on the South Island of NZ as it isnt populated enough for me to need it. Roof bars or lack of them is an issue though. Surely they will be available in time ?
  15. Guys - i am thinking of buying a new Freelander but wondered if there are any horror stories out there yet ? I now live in NZ so dont have the benefit of all the press reports etc. Any advice will be gratefully recieved. We only get the HSE model here ! Thanks in advance.