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  1. Air con G65 pressure sensor

    No the pulley is not engaging as I've had the cover off to check. Thanks for the pointer but I still haven't found the thing ! I think the illustrations are for a later model , Here are some shots taken when I had the bumper off - I wasn't looking for the G65 then though !
  2. Air con G65 pressure sensor

    My air con is "stuck" in econ mode so the first thing I did was to take it for a re-gas. "Your pressures are fine" said the Moto -Save guy "so it doesn't really need a re-gas and its unlikely to cure the problem- maybe the pumps gone" Being quite averse to such drastic off the cuff diagnoses I read about the problem and learned that the next most likely cause is a failed "G65 pressure sensor" The problem is I can't find the sensor and even after several hours of surfing I have not seen a clear photo of the whereabouts of this elusive component which I understand can be changed without de-pressurising the system. The thing might be hiding behind one of the headlights but before I start taking then out can anyone please confirm this ? The car is a 2005 Allroad 2.5 tdi auto with the BAU 132kw engine. I would be pleased to learn If anyone has recently dealt with this issue.. Thanks in advance
  3. Engine stopped suddenly - please help (2)

    I'm pleased to report that all went well with the pump belt tensioner. I managed to get the old one out and the new one in without removing the main pulley mounting. Instead I used a hacksaw blade to cut away part of the moulded vent above the tensioner which gave just enough clearance. When I had fitted the new one I found some paint marks on the belt and the driver pulleys, Assuming these had been made when the belt was last changed I lined them up, tightened the tensioner to 34nm and started the engine. I was quite delighted to find that it now runs as well as it ever did.
  4. Engine stopped suddenly - please help (2)

    Hi Actually there isn't a problem removing the remainder of the bolt because it is an integral part of the tensioner roller and I managed to find a used one on Ebay at £15. See photos above. The rear view shows the other end of the broken bolt which is fixed in position, probably pressed in. No my main problem apart from having to remove the whole front of the car for access is how to reset the pump timing in sync with the engine. Thankfully though,there is no problem with the main timing belt.
  5. Engine stopped suddenly - please help (2)

    Hi Thanks for the advice but I did mean to report that I have found the problem a couple of days ago. The injection pump tensioner centre bolt has broken off and I found it under the belt which is disengaged thus giving no drive to the pump. I realise that i will have to remove the front end to replace it and I am planning to start shortly. Any advice you could offer such as how to rotate the engine (it is an auto) to line up the timing marks (if I can find them ) Also, for some strange reason I can't find an on line supplier for a new tensioner though there are many offering items for the main timing belt none seem to be offering the pump belt. The main stealers have quoted £96 for the tensioner pulley. The centre bolt, they say, is not available seperately. Thanks again
  6. As a follow up to my post yesterday about my 2.5 tdi engine suddenly dying I have used again which reported as follows 01375 Valves for engine mounting stage 1 - 38.10 Output wont switch or intermittent 01376 Engine speed signal for injection pump - 37.10 Faulty - intermittent When I clicked clear faults the 01376 one went away but the first one stayed. My question is could this point to the reason that the engine will not even try to fire ? All advice will be greatly appreciated -- thanks
  7. My 2005 Audi Quattro 2.5 tdi Auto was running perfectly when suddenly, at fairly high speed going uphill the engine cut out without warning. No hiccups, no misfiring , just immediately stone dead. No warnings appeared on the dash though when I was trying to restart I did see the glow plug light flashing at one point. The rescue guy squirted something into the air intake and it started for a few seconds then nothing. From this he concluded that the engine is ok mechanically After being carried home I checked the fuel pump fuse then I loosened a pipe on the fuel filter and found that fuel is flowing when the ignition is switched on but with no amount of cranking will it even try to fire. I should mention I have run the engine module which did not produce any fault codes . The car has done about 140k miles and had a cambelt change a couple of years ago. Present usage of the car is very light as I am now retired. Any advice / guidance will be greatly appreciated -- thanks in advance
  8. A6 Allroad Rear Bumper Removal (How To)

    Hi This article looks very interesting as I am about to replace my parking sensors but I can't view the pictures On clicking them I am taken back to the forum with the message "add on for this website failed to run" can any one help ? Thanks