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  1. Ex Audi - BMW all the way :)

    Well, that didn't work, my spelling is atrocious and there are no pictures.
  2. Ex Audi - BMW all the way :)

    Pictures taken, not that great more to follow after a 3 day session at my valters.
  3. Map update 2016-2

    sounds great, just been quoted £106 by BMW. Are they exactly the same as the BMW version, I've noticed that some have safety camera alerts, do these? last question, does the update integrate with all original functionality? D☺️
  4. Map update 2016-2

    Thank you, very interesting, my car is a 64, I'm guessing this is a 2016.
  5. Map update 2016-2

    Last question before I upload some pictures, current version 2014-2 pro nav, should I get the 2016-2 update from the dealer, are there any major changes?
  6. Snap in phone adapter

    Thank you all, I can play video through the USB, it's not really a feature that I would need, I am intrigued by the external aerial though, is there not a lightning cable with the female end of the snap in connector?
  7. Snap in phone adapter

    Hi all, newbie here. Is there any benefit of using the snap in adapter over a standard iPhone connecter in the USB port?
  8. Ex Audi - BMW all the way :)

    Thank you NNMM, I don't have an MFD, now that I have checked what it is, I definitely want one next.
  9. Ex Audi - BMW all the way :)

    Hi, thank you both for your answers, I will try that in the morning, I am so glad that I am not losing my mind. :), keys and memory now working. The car has full black panel, pro nav, so tomorrow I will paly even more. Does anyone know if BMW retrofit? I'm after the advanced loudspeakers etc. I will take photos very soon.
  10. Ex Audi - BMW all the way :)

    Ok, no pictures yet but a couple new questions. 1. Auto zoom at junctions - (Pro Nav) it was zooming, now stopped, I haven't fiddled. 2. Seat memory linked to keys. bit flakey, sometimes yes, sometimes no. Could these be linked to the BMW server issues?
  11. Ex Audi - BMW all the way :)

    Nope, great car, rock solid, classy interior and just feels so right, more questions soon. Thank you and Hi.
  12. Ex Audi - BMW all the way :)

    Soon to follow.
  13. Ex Audi - BMW all the way :)

    Wow, supportive, helpful and friendly, thanks!
  14. Ex Audi - BMW all the way :)

    Hi all, I am the proud owner of a 428i, love it, I really do. Only had it for 3 days and I need to stop adding miles. Any advice re fuel, tyre pressures etc, etc would be welcomed.
  15. taking the plunge

    I would normally agree, however, this is being done FOC................ Completed so far; • Carried out removal of gearbox and clutch/flywheel stripped and inspected, compared to new pressure plate and found clutch finger springs dropped in height – cause of judder. Carried out replacement of complete clutch and bolts. Torqued and put gearbox back in. Road tested and all OK • Replacement of two front tyres (Dunlop) • Phase 1 of the 3 phased (8 hour) sat nav update! • A road test for rattle which Mark believes could possibly be from the dash rather than the door – They are carrying out second road test after update (unfortunately the car has to stay plugged in to a computer on a ramp until update is completed) Who knows, perhaps there is magic involved..................