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  1. 8L A3 Idle Problem!!

    Hmmmm. I'll have to keep an eye on that. When it happened I was using Tescos fuel. I do add a fuel conditioneer though PD5, which is fantastic for fuel economy and emissions. I'm usually sceptical about these things but I wouldn't fill up without this now. http://www.pd-5england.co.uk/ A bottle lasts me about a year as it's only 10ml per 40L. I'm in Belfast though and I thought the fuel issue was only affecting the south of England?
  2. 8L A3 Idle Problem!!

    Welcome to the Idle club Motormouth!! I'm due a service in a week or two, so hopefully that will help. Last night to add insult to injury I decided to remove my old car phone kit as I have a new bluetooth one. I cut the wires to the cradle and now my radio just says TELEFON. GREAT!!!!! Now I have to listen to the sound of my own voice!!!
  3. Vag Com in Northern Ireland

    Thanks guys, I'm in the middle of a house move so I can't check the forum a lot. I just want to check for error codes and maybe add the once for drivers door twice for passengers door option on the keyfob. Getting the car serviced in a week or so, I'll drop you a line then and arrange a meet up. Thanks again guys, much appreciated. Davey.
  4. 8L A3 Idle Problem!!

    I found some post where people were saying that the thermostat was affecting idle. They all mentioned that it also had an effect on fuel consumption. I've noticed mine has went down drastically lately, have you noticed this? There was this link also which lets you check the actual coolant temp using the aircon controls.I'll test it later tonight. Climate Codes
  5. 8L A3 Idle Problem!!

    Nice one! Well last night there was chaos on the roads around Belfast, it took me 2 hours 45 minutes to travel 4 miles home!!! So it wasn't the best night to be watching the temp gauge! I was out for an hour over lunch though and the temp never rose over 75. It always used to sit at 90 so I think you're on to something.
  6. Idle problem!!!

    Anyone having the same issues should look here Thread I've been updating this thread as there were no replies here.
  7. 8L A3 Idle Problem!!

    Hi STA3. Just read your post and we have exactly the same problem. It did however make two points click in my head. Firstly the temp guage. Mine was the same. Normally runs at 90 but while the problem was there it was about 70 or lower. I did notice that on Saturday when the problem disappeared the guage was at it's normal 90. I will look on the way home tonight to see where it runs. Secondly this also only began for me after the battery was disconnected. Anyone shed any further light? Thermostat? Idle temp sensor?
  8. 8L A3 Idle Problem!!

    Well it pains me to say it, but after 2 odd weeks of the annoying idle issue it has disappeared!!! I was doing a lot of town driving on Saturday and after a couple of hours I noticed that it was not doing it!!! I tried and tried to get it to do it again but for 3 days now it has been fine!!! I did nothing. I thought on Saturday that the outside temp may have been warmer, but then I was up early on Sunday morning and there was a frost over here and again it was ok. I'm lost. I am terrified that the problem will return. I had no idea where to start looking for this and now I'm even worse off!!! Aaaaaarrrrrgggghhhhhh!!!
  9. Vag Com in Northern Ireland

    Thanks Paul. Those kind of places are usually the best. I'll check it out mate. Davey
  10. Vag Com in Northern Ireland

    Cheers guys. I noticed a couple of Dublin users in the database. Paul, that would be great mate. I've been told there's a guy in Magherafelt who's excellent is it the same?
  11. 8L A3 Idle Problem!!

    I'll have a look too by the weekend. Not that I know what to look for really but I'll see what I come up with. I'm thinking it has to be something like that if there are no fault codes from the OBD.
  12. Vag Com in Northern Ireland

    Anyone in sunny Norn Iron got and know how to use Vag Com?
  13. VAG-COM user database

    Anyone with VagCom in Northern Ireland???
  14. 8L A3 Idle Problem!!

    I've been scouring the web for possible solutions to this. The two most common "possible" reasons are... Faulty MAF or Vacuum pipe leak. The mechanic who checked for fault codes for me said there may be a leak in the vacuum pipes. He had a brief look but it might be worth a proper shifty. As for the MAF I disconnected it about half an hour ago and the problem was still there. I THINK I can rule it out. Can anyone confirm that with the MAF out I should have at least experienced different symptoms? Is there an easy way of checking for pipe leaks or cracks?
  15. 8L A3 Idle Problem!!

    I'm having a similar problem. Here is my original post. Idle Problem Hi guys. Looking for some help on an idling problem. Sorry about length of post but I want to give as much detail as possible. Sitting comfortably? Last weekend I disconnected the battery on my 99 A3 1.8T. I gave it a good charge with the cold snap coming up, only took about 3 hours trickle charging. I put the battery back in and this is when the idling issue started. When the car is cold, i.e. the choke is on the car is fine. As soon as it warms up driving is normal but when I go to stop, the rev counter bounces between 1000rpm and 500rpm. I mean the needle will bounce between the two until the car comes to a complete stop!! Once stopped the car will idle normally!! The engine hasn't cut out yet, but I'm worried it will. Probably when I'm turning right, across the path of a speeding bus!! It's so strange. As soon as the clutch goes in it starts to do this and it will keep doing it while the car is moving. Once I come to a complete stop it's fine. I'm guessing it's a sensor. I'm no mechanic though. I don't want to go to the dealer as they're just too over priced. A friend is a Peugeot mechanic and he connected a SnapOn diagnostic reader to the car this morning. The only fault code it picked up is P1602 Intermittent voltage low. From reading around this could be to do with me disconnecting the battery? Does this sound right?