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  1. Post a pic of your car

    One of my friends used to have a 5GT in Oxford Green. It was affectionately known as Thunderbird 2.
  2. BTCC 2017

    This was nothing to do with driving standards Garçon. Just oil on a wet track at a very fast corner. Wishing Geoff, Luke and Aron a speedy recovery.
  3. What is it? Volvo?

    Garçon is spot on. Fast version looking at the wheels and brakes.
  4. Another new S5 ordered

    Saying you wouldn't buy a car because of the blue stripe on the dash is a bit like saying you wouldn't rattle Scarlet Johansson because she had a moustache!
  5. John Surtees CBE

    Whilst Big Johns achievements on two and four wheels are astonishing. The thing that really makes him stand out for me are his morals and principles. He really was a man of honour, often to the detriment of his racing career.
  6. Dan Wheldon

    I was thinking about Dan last night. That Sunday night / Monday morning, 5 years ago was horrible.
  7. About to order these winter tyres, thoughts

    I run 17" 380 style OEM winters with 205/50 conti 820p runflats. They fit over the brakes and provide superb grip in very cold conditions. Things are more interesting st warmer temps but good fun.
  8. Another convert?

    Im just down the road from cooper York Chas. If you want me to take a look then just shout. Dohh ha just seen the car is in Ipswich. Might take a little longer than my lunch hour.
  9. Another convert?

    My 1 series was pre registered and did not have service inclusive. I added it the day I collected the car (about 20 days after it was registered). The printed out spec now shows service inclusive with added at point of sale in brackets afterwards.
  10. Snap in phone adapter

    Not quite true MrMe. Since late 2014 all BMWs come with the necessary hardware (comms box) that was previously part of the extended blue tooth option to allow full intergration without the snap in cradle. The cradle is still only part of the extended Bluetooth option but the only additional functionality this option now gives is signal through the car Ariel and an additional passenger side microphone. I can play videos through the usb on my 2016 car from my 3GS.
  11. Audi A3 e-tron first impressions

    Pic from the weekend with our families unimaginative choice if vehicles. GTE, GTD and Rrrrrrr. My M135i is tucked away in the garage.
  12. Audi A3 e-tron first impressions

    They are very impressive cars. My dad has had his Golf GTE for 11 months and has only been to a petrol station 4 times in that time. A reflection on the short all electric journeys he uses it for. He has PV cells on his house so when it's charging during the day it really is free motoring.
  13. Does anyone enjoy driving in the UK (anymore)

    I still love driving in the UK. Living in North Yorks means low traffic levels which is nice.
  14. Re-spec'd M3

    Nice Garçon. Just to point out xdrives don't come with Msport suspension. It's a higher ride height softer unique spec. This may suit you. If you find that it doesn't suit, the Schnitzer upgrade is good value and very effective as is the Birds offering. Top colour combo.
  15. Oulton Park 6th August

    I am going rallying at Thockmorton unfortunately. There is a slim chance that plans may change and if they do I will be there.