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  1. 10 plate Polo total engine failure

    Car owned from new, the independent serviced it when I sent it for a Mot. He told me that waiting for the full service interval was not wise as the engine oil could sludge up and could cause timing belt issues. Would not have done it otherwise. How right he was. He only uses VW genuine parts and oils which I advised VW. There was only approx 5k miles done after that. The timing repair was done at a main dealer. The key issue here is that the product is not up to it and there is a history of this try searching "VW class actions" on the net you may be surprised you will get pages of results. Customer service is one thing contractual fitness for purpose is another.
  2. 10 plate Polo total engine failure

    The grace was for the first problem. The issues here are that; 1) VW are manufacturing cars that do not go the time and distance and 2) They don't care How can any one say it is palatable to pay £11,000 for a car and within 4 years spend £4,700 ish on two major engine failures never mind the normal maintenance. They advertise reliability and customer care but don't deliver, no modern consumer should expect that. It is clearly not fit for purpose.
  3. 10 plate Polo total engine failure

    No warranty advised on the chain (Main dealer repair) at the time but they say it was not that that caused the current problem. VW main dealer first service VW independent with all VW parts and oils supplied by VW for second, only approx 5k mileage after that before it went. That service may have been where I have gone wrong for customer care purposes, they mentioned it on the first problem. But the failure did not result from that it happened because of poor build quality. You are unlucky if you get an engine failure on a car of many more miles and years if you maintain it, never mind two in less than six months. The independent also advised me that the long service intervals was causing timing chain slippage on cars and that to look after it, reduce the service interval to 10k from 17k even with long life oils. I wrote to the main dealer who supplied the car new to me advising them of the problem as well and indicating that the car was not fit for purpose and have not as yet had a reply. I have spoken to VW customer services Uk several times with no luck at all and no reasons given. The manufacturer is also not interested, it really is not what you would expect.
  4. 10 plate Polo total engine failure

    My 10 plate polo1.2 has just had total engine failure a valve fell into the cylinder, new engine required at £3,200!! Done approx 40k just over 3 1/2 years old, full service etc. This is after a timing chain slip at less than 35k and just out of warranty. Customer services contributed 60%( but still expensive) but now will do nothing. Two major failures for a car of that age and mileage is unacceptable as they admit, but then to say it is my problem is appalling. I have written to them giving a chance to review but is that customer care? I think not. Is that a sign of a quality product definitely not. My third VW, don't think i would touch another. Anyone had similar?