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  1. PC world laptop repairs

    It was worth a go in my opinion, without having the laptop in front of me its pretty hard to repair, ive repaired computers for 20 + years. Either the recovery partition has been deleted or it should of been supplied with recovery discs. Archie
  2. PC world laptop repairs

    Tapping the F buttons won`t make it unusable mate, what did you do after?
  3. PC world laptop repairs

    The laptop has to be switched off then switch on then keep tapping F10, if that doesnt work try tapping F8 mate. Archie
  4. Auto boot opening

    After some searching on the subject all that is needed is new hinges new springs and gas strutts. Here are the part numbers for the required parts. I do have the button on my fob that unlocks the boot but i would like it to fully open on pressing the fob 4F5827665A x 2 (springs) 8E5827552K x2 (Struts - different gas pressure to std struts) 8E5 827 302 RIGHT hinge 8E5 827 301 LEFT hinge
  5. PC world laptop repairs

    Right mate ive found this on how to restore your laptop, just follow the instructions it easy to do, then make sure you install an anti virus when it up and running again. Who is your internet provider as usually they give you antivirus for free. Your Advent computer uses the latestrecovery system that doesn't require any CDs or DVDs to restore your PC to it's original factory condition. 1) Restart your Computer. 2) Press F10 repeatedly until the message "StartingSystem Recovery" is displayed. 3) The recovery will load and display a menu of options: (a) Non-destructive recovery: this option will restore Windows, supplied applications, and drivers. This option will not destroy your documents or programs. These will be backed up along with the registry. These are restored at the end of the recovery process. To access the recovery options below that erase all data from the computer, click the Advanced button. (b) System Recovery - No format: this will reinstall Windows®, supplied applications and drivers. It will move your files to a folder called "My old disk structure". Any applications (except those supplied) will need to be reinstalled. © System Recovery - Quick format: this option will erase your hard drive including your personal files. Windows, supplied applications and drivers will be reinstalled. 4) Select the Non-destructive recovery option and press Next. 5) You will be informed about System Restore in Windows, click Yes. 6) The recovery will begin. Once this is complete clickRestart.
  6. VAG-COM user database

    I have VAG-COM, im in Stoke on Trent, and North Wales at the weekends Archie
  7. VAG-Com help please

    A mate of mine did it on his A3, he said it was just a simple wiring job then i switched it on for him with my vagcom, i will text him and tell him to send me the link of the mod. As for the seatbelt bleep, im sure it can be turned off Archie Found the link this is for the A3, not sure if it will be the same on yours m8
  8. PC world laptop repairs

    Format it m8, just google the make and model of it and it will tell you how to do it,or post the model on here and ill send you a link, its dead easy to do, itll wipe it all clean and start from fresh. Archie
  9. Auto boot opening

    Has anyone modded there boot so it auto opens off the fob, i think this only works on the saloons. If so is it a costly job to do. Archie
  10. Newby

    Hi Guys, New to the forum, ive got an A4 SE saloon 2.0 tdi. First Audi i have owned and i love it, spent years driving Land Rovers. Ive got VAG-COM Diagnostic if any one needs any help, im in Staffordshire. Archie