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  1. Servicing Con

    Thanks newnicemrme, I've had a second and third opinion as I two wanted to be 100% sure I've also just had a full wheel alignment today at a specialised motor sport place and they also checked the rack and said it was perfect, so I will be righting to VW about this they also checked the break pads and I was told they were like new so what more can I say, I really was being g taken for a ride :-( x
  2. Servicing Con

    So I've had my Gorgeous fully kitted out Tiguan sport for 5 and a bit years now, it's got a full service history and I've been a loyal customer with my local dealership Crewe VW, however it's been due it's service and I've been dreading taking it in because the last time it went in I was told that the steering rack was faulty and the break pads and discs were 80% worn so you can in again the cost of the steering rack was £1400 the pads £239 the minor service £199 and the MOT £45 plus I needed 2 new tyres £300+ a hell of a lot of money so I looked a changing the car couldn't find what I wanted, so booked it in praying there would be nothing more. In the mean time I spoke toy regular tyre fitter who I mentioned by chance that I had to get the service and MOT done, and he asked why I was going to a main dealer, my reply, well they look after me give me a discount and so on, so I told him what was wrong with the car and he suggested getting a second opinion, and another quote for the work. So I did took it to a fab garage In Winsford they did the service £110 MOT £45 but what got me more that the saving on the service was the fact that the car passed, my car was perfect there were NO FAULTS my break pads were fine my steering rack was perfect. He said my car was a fabulous vehicle and in great shape all I needed was laser alignment which I new. I was completely shocked. Now hears the thing today I would have took my car into VW Crewe I would have took their word for it and spent money I didn't have, how many times over the last 5 years have I done that already. I will be contacting VW directly as I am disgusted and I am sorely tempted to contact the media. My husbands car is still under warrantee but he will be asking to see in the workshop for him self from now on any faults they claim are on the car. I'm shocked.