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  1. What oil do you use?

    BMW dealers should stock TWS oil, we defiantly do.
  2. Drove the new M5 today

    [ QUOTE ] Top write up on what is obviously a top machine. Ian [/ QUOTE ] Thanks,I find it hard to put down what I feel into words, I just wish everybody could drive one of these so they know what Im talking about.
  3. Drove the new M5 today

    Well its been along time coming but finally today I got my hands on the keys to the new M5. Only a couple of other people from work had been in it but Id heard so much about I was really looking forward to it. I was passenger first of all and words cannot describe how quick this car accelerates, 60 is gone in a flash and on any short straight 3 figures is reached with such ease it really is mind blowing. but its when it get past 3 figures that its most impressive, the speedo goes up like my rev counter. The people who had been in it all talked about the 'head rush' you get and I felt first hand what they mean. As a passenger its worse, for instance if your in 3rd gear then jump on the brakes really hard untill revs drop to about 3000rpm then jump straight on full throttle, for the next 100 yds you can hardy see out your eyes, you become totally dissorientated and I didnt know what was happening its the strangest feeling Ive ever experinced in a car! :shock: I was in the car at 8am this morning and now I still feel like I was on Nemesis half an hour ago, and it isnt just me being soft, everyone said the same, I aint ever felt like that after getting out of a car before!! Then I took over and drove it, From the minute you get in and shut the door you know its going to be good as the seats mould to the shape of your back and pin you in position when you shut the door. This car had heads up display which in this case indicated the speed, revs ang current gear selection, I tell you its fantastic!! It appears just below your line of vision on the road and can be read with out your eyes leaving the road. From a standing start heading down a 1/2 mile striaght this thing was awesome, your just sat there with yor foot planted just flicking your right rist for another gear to be thumped into drive, then when jumping on the brakes and selecting the down shift the car blips the throttle perfectly everytime, you could never get sick of driving this car or listening to the noise. On Tuesday I went on the same route I did today as passenger in a 911 twin turbo and found i hard to believe the M5 would be anywhere near as quick, well its hard to say because turbo charged cars always give a bigger punch then booting them but this M5 Id say could match it all the way in a straight line. The M5 is one hell of a well engineered car, there are so many good parts of it, I could talk about it all night, but 1 real neat trick is the seats which when you go round a left hander they inflate on the right hand side to counter-act you sliding in the seat the vice verce the other way. 8) There was only one down side to driving the car today and that was when I had to stop driving and give the keys back, Its gonna take a real good car to impress me more than this did, Roll on the M6 :shock: I didnt have my camera today but this is one I saw last night,
  4. He just picked it up today so got some pics tonight, seems a great car, had a short drive of it, seems very smooth and solid car, need some miles on it before testing the engine to its full potential. .
  5. E60 M5 Dealer Note...

    I work in a BMW dealership and our M5 demo has already been sold to a customer just as long as we keep it for 90 days i think, Our demo arives at the end of this month so ill get some pics when it comes in, I think its black. I also have a video recorded on my phone of 2 flying laps round Rockinham in the new M5, i can email to to someone if they fancy hosting it? Cheers Gav.