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  1. no optimax in ireland

    I can only find Shell V power here which is only 95 octane,any ideas on which brand stocks 98 octane
  2. Mk 5 GTI exhaust

    Yeah , same story, mine look mucky and I cant get them clean, any advise
  3. irish experience MK5 GTI

    Actually named on wifes policy,125 euro increase for next two months, dsg is brilliant in traffic ,especially on the M50 carpark, but its a little tricky to get used to because it rolls backward on hills , and is jerky in reverse. you need to use the handbrake unlike a conventional box. Also its important to read the manual.
  4. irish experience MK5 GTI

    Irish experience. had the hots for the new gti since all the rave reviews , so went and specced it on the uk website, when I finally got irish prices, vw irl had deleted the climate and made it a 2000 euro extra. this meant that the cost with the DSG was almost 40000 euros. thats BMW 3 money here, so I scrapped the idea, and bought a celica. big mistake... spent the next weeks checking websites for any available, Finally found a 04 dsg red 7k which turned out to be the irish press demo car, I paid 35 000 euros, but no bloody aircon, initial impressions are fantastic with the DSG awesome. 17ins are thumpy enough on irish roads so beware 18ins. Funds permitting,hope to trade for laser blue with everything in jan 06. also irish dealers have received info from VW that deliveries are out to next autumn.