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  1. I have been advised to try you for help. I have a Vw Golf cabrio mk 3.5 1999 1595cc and I am having a problem with it which is getting worse. I have noticed an intermittent fault where the car suddenly loses power. It slows down and the dash lights come on to show stalled. It happens on and off but more when petrol tank down to quarter full. I have had a mechanic use diagnostic over 7 months ago and the results were 01243 intake manifold valve short circuit 01249 inj 1 short circuit 01250 inj 2 short circuit 01251 inj 3 short circuit 01252 inj 4 short circuit 00635 o2 sensor heater circuit short circuit with ground intermittent. since then ive had new cat and lamda sensor and took to jct 600 volkswagen who gave me a print out of faults but could not link my problem to any of them..those results in red were... servo pipe split Coil pack earth lead broken dizzy cap rotor arm spark plugs and ht leads. cars getting worse and now the steerings getting heavy and horrible screech noise which may not be related another diagnostic done today revealed code 00515 camshaft position sensor g40 outside tolerances. any ideas if youve read all this then thank-you kat