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  1. Oil Temperature gauge not working

    Thanks guys for the suggestions. If I get to the bottom of it I'll let you know!
  2. Hi, I acquired a C5 A6 Avant 1.9 TDI 130 SE 2003 about 3 months ago and it drives great but I have one annoying issue. The Oil Temperature gauge has never moved apart from very slightly once or twice when idling. I tried a local garage who first replaced the Oil Temp sensor with an aftermarket part which didn't work, then with a genuine OEM part with no luck either. Next to a local tuning centre who couldn't find a fault. And the last was a free fault diagnosis by Audi. The diagnosis report suggested a new instrument cluster for starters at £1,000+ and then on-going repairs if this didn't work! The report mentioned the gauge would not hold it's value when a test signal was sent to it and the software reported a resistor fault. They also said they had seen signs of mice damage! So, my questions are. Is there anything else I can try as the Audi suggestion is not very economical considering the age of the car? Can anyone suggest a garage around the South Yorkshire area who could take a look at this kind of issue. Many thanks.