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    audi a6 3.2 fsi quattro 2005
  1. hi Cruiser, yeah I have a couple of modules in there , top two shelves in the rack, can't see where you would put a dvd in though. I was more trying to get the specific version I need based on the shot of my system , inc the mmi update?
  2. cheers fella, appreciate your help, I did have a look and noted that, actually the other half pointed that out too me. just once it paired , I had no further options than before when I started, so maybe it was just taking time, while it produce the message, reading sim card once connection established , as that was all that I seen happening ? but then that is happening when i turn on usually and goto phone,as I think there must be an old sim card in the in car handset, should I remove that do you think or leave it in. cheers agin for your help...
  3. booster, I got it too pair, but then how do you access your numbers in the phone, still seemed like options were not there for phonebook etc etc
  4. Cheers booster. anyone advise on the nav / mmi disc situ please
  5. Guys is it this set I need please AUDI GENUINE PART NUM.: 4L0 998 961 F/W 55.7.0
  6. Ps to clarify. It is a 2005 model.. Boister. Thanks fir reply. Do you know pairing procedure. As nothing in manual.. bar stuff on p127. But not pairing . Do you recall your steps. Is it with mmi or with the inbuilt phone ypu do this......
  7. hi guys thanks for the advice, does anyone know what disc it is that I need ,? also how do I pair the phone, or is it rtfm?
  8. Hi Twinspark, thanks for the reply. i have a samsung s3 though guess that will make no odds..??
  9. HI Guys, first post here so be nice please.. I have bought the a6 2005 fsi 3.2 quattro today, I think form what I have read (first audi) it is a mmi high system , but when selecting sat nag, it states needs navigation disc, nothing for tv . I have read lots of threads but nothing specific to this model, and a as a result just wondering the best/cheapest route to resolve a:sat nav, b: tv .. c: Linking into the bluetooth of phone Will it be costly.. attached hopefully pic of display any help greatly appreciated.. cheers neil