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  1. Audi A3 - Did i get ripped off?

    Thanks cruiser647 and Hopsta. I will get on the case
  2. Audi A3 - Did i get ripped off?

    Thanks guys for your diplomatic responses As long as I didn't get completely shafted I guess I can live with it. I live in Sutton South London in case anyone can recommend a trustworthy independent audi person who can do servicing.
  3. Hello. I just bought my first 'proper' car. Its an Audi A3 1.6 TDI. I was looking for ages for one with all the boxes ticked. Then this one came along. Its scuba blue, 2011, done 23,000 miles and has Bose, Bluetooth, Ipod, Parking Sensors. EXACTLY what i was looking for and in absolutely mint condition. I'm delighted with it. However as i am a 33yr old female who has never bought a decent car before, let alone from an Audi dealer, I allowed my best mates bloke do the haggling on my behalf. He couldn't be there so was doing it over the phone, posing as my bloke so i think it all looked a bit suspect! Anyway, what's bugging me is whether we should have haggled harder. Basically, it was up for 14850 and we got it for 14130. I was paying cash and because of that, there was less room to negotiate on purely reducing the price of the car (so that salesman said). We didn't get anything extra on top of the price discount - just a full tank of diesel and a year's warranty with roadside assistance which i assume is standard. What i want to know is, did we get a reasonable deal? I am probably being foolish asking such a question because its immaterial now, but I have no experience of it and what is realistic and can't stop thinking 'what if'. Its kind of spoiling the fact i've got a beautiful new car!! The Glass's Guide values it from a dealer at 14,710 so in that respect it was priced about right. The sense I got was that they were not gonna let it go for 14000 as they'd only had it for 20 days and had held it for me for a week of that while I was on holiday. The reality was that, for various reasons, I wasn't willing to walk away on the day and needed to seal the deal. Final question is should i always get my new baby serviced at an Audi garage or just somewhere reputable? Thanks