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  1. Engine cutting out/stalling

    so what was the final resolution, I have a engine that stalls when engaginging the clutch allowing the engine to rev "back" to a rpm that might be to low and than the engine stalls. I have seen many complains and I have the impression that it is a software error because it happens to many VAG type engines a;; using very similar configurations ànd ECU
  2. 320D starts and stalls

    I guess that fixed the problem?
  3. Golf Stalling Problem 1.4S

    so how did you fix it? crusher?
  4. Hi Glconnor1, Nice to read the simple solution, Do you recall the error you saw when dumping the ECU error log? did you use a VAG-COM like this: this is the one I have and is about that price. I have search a lot finding a resolution and you are the first one that somes up with a solution that sounds very logically. Did you have the problem that the revs went down to 500 rpm some of the time? Thanks for sharing! Cheers!