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  1. Audi S8 MMI in reboot / please wait cycle

    Hi, I took the car in to Audi, they asked what was wrong with it as it had fixed itself in the 2 hours after I dropped it off. They said they would run diagnostics and upgrade firmware which broke it again. They quoted me £1500 ($2600!) for a new MMI. They have more chance of getting that out of me than I do of successfully juggling soot! So I picked up the car (£150 bill for diagnostics) and the system is working fine! Fingers crossed it continues to do so and lasts for the 500 mile journey to Scotland in the morning. Thanks and all the best
  2. Audi S8 MMI in reboot / please wait cycle

    Hi there, thanks for responding. I am in the UK, near London, is a firmware upgrade a dealer job or something one can handle one's self? No doubt there are other threads on the subject, I will have a butchers. Cheers
  3. Hi, I have an Audi S8 (2009) which has served me well for over 4 years now. I have an ipod connected to the MMI and also use the bluetooth feature for my iphone (telephone only). The MMI is now in a seemingly endless routine on startup. The MMI itself reacts slowly, and then the "NOTE - please wait" message. (a few minutes) and then it reboots itself and tries again. I had the same problem about one month ago and solved it by disconnecting the ipod, and then switching car off, leaving for an hour or so and restarting. Alas this is not working this time? I have tried the three button reset and this too has not helped. Can anyone help me please, I am new to tyresmoke as while trying to research an answer the forum seems well regarded. I am off on a 500 mile each way trip on Wednesday and at the moment have no radio, music, sat nav etc so any ideas gratefully received Many Many thanks