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  1. wheel fitment

    Cheers Ian,it's just there's a set on piston heads for sale ,back to the drawing board lol
  2. wheel fitment

    Hi there would a set off an audi r8 v10 fit ? They are 20 inch but don't know back space .
  3. wheel fitment

    Many thanks andy
  4. wheel fitment

    Andy what is the difference between the rolling radius on the standard se and the size fitted to s8 ,so that the speedo reads the same or am I thinking too deep about it ,cheers john
  5. wheel fitment

    Cheers lads for your replyies ,what size wheels would be fitted to a s8 so that you get the full arch look ,I love the car but the standard se wheels don't do it for me ,cheers
  6. wheel fitment

    Hi there firstly im a newbie on here it would be rude not to say hello,just bought an A8 d4 2012 and need to upgrade the wheels ,ive been offered a set of 20x8.5 off an rs6 with 225/30/20 would these fit i.e correct off set etc ,I don't know anything about the interchangeable wheels on the Audi range ,cheers john