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  1. newbie from London

    even two!
  2. newbie from London

    First picture shows my van just when I bought it about 6 month ago, since that a big job was done, like custom build exhaust, stereo&sound upgrade, full seats re-trim, new floor carpet, fully repainted alloys with new chromed bolts and new wheel centre cups, rear lights upgrade today, all silly US side stickers gone, put his name "CROCODILE" instead, full mashine polish (8 hours) etc. I had same van with diesel engine 6500cc before and went home on it, 2,5K miles one way, all my family with 3 frehch buldogs was comfi and happy. thats the short story how I become the vanner....)
  3. newbie from London

    Yank V8 sound awsome, especially with my latest exhaust upgrade.
  4. My new baby

    sorry, Ferrari I meant
  5. My new baby

    last my visit home I've seen Lada with original modified engine which do 60mph for 6 second, its like Ferary
  6. My new baby

    no men, I'm in London it is crazy what ukrain people inventing. do you have any idea what is on the top of the bonnet or why it on this old rust shit??? )))))
  7. My new baby

    Twin turbo )
  8. expensive numberplates

    My one is M11UKR, UKR is abraviation of Ukraine, so its mean - ME UKRAINIAN, very nice and worth half grand only. have it for 15 years and love those plates

    HI to all my exhaust was done by the MIJ exhaust garage. I was quoted by Profusion for the same job £800. Some ebay member push me to try MIJ and they gave me lot, lot lower price for the same job. Came to see them last night, let them know what I like to see on my American van, got edvise or correction for my idea and job start. Was waiting in showroom about 4 hours and voila Now Igot what I want, looking 100% perfect, sound like propa V8. highly recommended Andrey
  10. newbie from London

  11. newbie from London

    Hi to all I owe Chevrolet Express 5.7cc Just found a few good topics here O'd like to follow...