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  1. Boot dimensions

    hi again you said its 2o" high with shelf on what about without? thanks
  2. Boot dimensions

    il have to find a smaller dog then! nah thanks for the quick response!
  3. Boot dimensions

    Hi just wondering if someone could tell me the boot dimensions of a mkv vw golf im looking at buying a 1.9 tdi se 06 reg but need to know the size of boot i have a cage that measures 42" long 28" wide and 32" high. Thanks
  4. caught speeding!!!!!

    got caught doing 38mph!!!!!! what a joke. Ive just sent letter back sayin i was drivin. If i just pay fine and dont update liscence and dont tell ins will i be ok?
  5. A3 2.0 TDI 170BHP

    sorry i cant find these new figures can someone do a linky? cheers
  6. ebay rip off

    if u look in trader they are a lot cheaper
  7. A3 2.0 TDI 170BHP

    is ther any 0 to 60 times for this new engine just wondering how it improves it
  8. ebay rip off Have a look at this i think its a bit expensive. ppl just think ebay is cheap ive noticed this with most things especially with electronics. Its just not that cheap any more
  9. Buying from a car supermarket - Motor Depot

    what settings can be changed by the highline that the midline cant do?
  10. 05 06 differences

    saw a post on headrest at rear but just read it again and it says its luck?
  11. 05 06 differences

    not that many them. thanks for reply
  12. What's my GTI worth?

    oh thats a good price then, very good price for part ex! If you find someone whos willing to pay for the mods then i would expect 21-22k
  13. 05 06 differences

    What the differences in the 06 gti compared to the 05? Ive heard about diff in dash or somethin and also rear head rests?
  14. What's my GTI worth?

    tbh for part ex cant see you getting more than 18500 your defo better trying around here. hows all the mods effected your insurance?

    when i rang today he gave me the price of 18100 and extras a had wer met paint, highline and armrest. only thing i have to check is if the alarm is cat 1 and if it comes with bottle opener and tax!