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  1. audi a4 sline 2005, cannot find the mpg

    I have checked on both the windscreen wiper stalk and tge indicator stalk and there is no buttons at all there! I have looked every where
  2. audi a4 sline 2005, cannot find the mpg

    drpellypo that above is the picture i think but if you cannot view it from that then if you leave your email address then ill send it you to that! thankyou for your efforts!
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    From the album audi a4

  4. audi a4 sline 2005, cannot find the mpg

    Cruiser647, how would i know if i had the multi function display or not and if i didnt how would i go about getting 1? Are they dear etc?
  5. on the display on the instrument cluster, it shows the radio station thats on and my range left in my tank and thats it. i want it to display my mpg but i dont know how to get it on. i have read a few posts saying to use the little switch on the end of the windscreen wipers lever but there isn't any there. please can somebody help me because im at a loss. thankyou everybody!