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  1. Aww thanks guys...didn't expect so many to chip in so fast and i mean it in a good way.. Merry Christmas to you all by the way... I am not based in the UK but in the Middle East...each tyre costs 240 GBP and changing all 4 already tore a hole in my wallet (and heart! after I saw the damage)…tyres are insanely expensive here!! I might take the car to one of the roadside garage experts and get his opinion as you guys suggested. I was rather hoping the condition doesn't look like that it would deteriorate further but I guess the consensus here is that it is now ruined beyond salvation! Though would appreciate if someone can explain as why the wheel looks damage? Its the rim which has been chipped/bent on the side of the sidewall damage...or is the term wheel / rim being used interchangeably here? confused I kept the torn piece as a souvenir by the way...maybe i can stick it back? just so i don't get a burn everytime i look at it.
  2. Hi First of all, great community, new here Changed all 4 tyres of my Audi 2009 A6 (3.2 Quattro) on Saturday to Conti Sport Contact 255/35 ZR 19 Hit the kerb while moving out of the parking lot and got the damage near the side of the rim on the sidewall Being blasting myself since!! Can anyone pls tell me if the damage is substantial enough to warrant a change in the tyre or can i still drive with this? There is no vibration or anything else and the car drives fine. Thanks guys