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  1. cruise control

    ive just bought a 123d m sport hatch dose anyone know wether you can retro fit cruise control?
  2. stolen

    im from west yorksire the police seem to think that whoevers taken the car are going to use it as a get away car as it was a 5 door
  3. stolen

    thanks for asking were all fine just a bit shaken up
  4. stolen

    i know this topic has been discused before. But on friday morning @ 3.30am my beloved golf was stolen. Someone smashed through my front door and took the keys for the golf while me and my family slept upstairs. so a warning to all just think about were you leave your keys
  5. Oil + Stuff

    i think you will find you have to use 0/30 longlife oil.I use millers it costs £11.99 a ltr. am finding that im using half a ltr every 3000 miles
  6. Monza 18" & Corrosion

    dealers said they would change 2 on mine so kicked off and they changed all 4 cars only 8 months old
  7. Noisy engine at idle

    A vw tec told me it was down to the pollen filter
  8. new wheels (under waranty)

    sorry guys i posted about my wheels before looking properly my wheels were done with no problems. My windscreen is now the problem it milky about 10mm from the bottom all the way across. ive also had a new p/s door seal done under waranty and waiting for a new steering rack usual problem. o and when i picked the car up it had a rip in the seat and no sat nav disc. not bad for £28.000
  9. i dont know if anyone else has had this problem but cleaning the car last month I noticed the wheels had started to pitt called into vw and they replaced them under waranty (all 4 ). Then cleaning the car today ive noticed the windscreen has started to delaminate at the bottom
  10. Other Parts of TSN ?

    i dont have time to look in any other by the time ive looked in here
  11. xenons they are worth the money
  12. GTI MPG!!!

    i did a 600 mile round trip with the dsg box and retured a 34mpg
  13. The wait is nearly over!!!!

    no i paid £550.00
  14. golf tdi mk IV

    swillington auto care
  15. Telephone Preparation

    and they drill the dash. i found out too late!