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  1. Portchester Meet 23/1/2010

    see you there+++
  2. Portchester Meet 25/7/09

    As Dan has said i won't be there:( due to work admin and off on my travels next week but i look forward to seeing everyone at the Brighton meet for the xmas bash, should be back late nov/early Dec so will be just in time for it fingers crossed! Should be sporting long hair and a tan:grin: Enjoy the meet peeps, have a steak for me+++
  3. Portchester Meet 25/7/09

    See you there guys+++:D
  4. Portchester meet Sun 19th April

    Ok martin will put one aside, and i look forward the email
  5. Portchester meet Sun 19th April

    No problem Robin+++
  6. Portchester meet Sun 19th April

    Was a top meet guys, and what a good turn out today. see ya all at brighton next month+++
  7. Portchester meet Sun 19th April

    Sweet!! will get onto it:grin:
  8. Portchester meet Sun 19th April

    Looking like a good turn out, be good to see you Daz+++
  9. Portchester meet Sun 19th April

    Roy and Lee also+++
  10. Dorset Meet

  11. Portchester meet Sun 19th April

    Yes will be there, hopefully on the Duke if its back from Motorapido if not it will be the RRS.
  12. Dorset Meet

    Any more Dorset meets coming up??, im in Poole, or are you lot too scared to have a youngster show you the sights of bournemouth. FYEO:roflmao:
  13. Nr Brighton Meet - 7th March

    The duke only comes out when its nice:grin: look forward to s catch up Sam+++
  14. Portchester Meet 8/2/09

    Top meet as usual guys, and the food was spot on, see ya all next time+++
  15. Portchester Meet 8/2/09

    I will be fine, just select the snow/ice setting in terrain responce programs and plough through it....