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  1. A6 MMI problem

    i have the same problem, well almost i have an 2006 3.00 tdi v6 sline SALOON a couple of weeks ago i noticed the cd player sort of faded in and out which had never happened before then one day the cd radio satnav etc wasen't working i don't know why but i wiggled the key in the ignition a bit and it came back on i don't know if that was just coincedence becouse the next day it was all dead and hesen't come back on since the display screen does come on if i press the volume button down as if to turn radio on i get the logo with the rings and the audi mmi messsege but then it goes blank the multi changer in glove box is still on i can eject and load the discs the dvd nav drive thingy in the boot stil ejects and loads the disc as well if anyone has any ideas or advice that would be very much apriciated thanks in advance