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  1. A6 saloon MMI problem -

    This a short movie of the refresh behaviour of my MMI. IMG_6519.MOV
  2. A6 saloon MMI problem -

    I took pictures of the current soft versions. I just want to mention that when I press Setup/return and the menu opened I can see all modules software, including the Handyvorb. Once I start open every one for picture, the mmi refresh and the handyvorb disappear and become 0xFFFFFFFF, I made a video but could not upload due to size.
  3. A6 saloon MMI problem -

    I believe that I done the last available update long time ago but I remember that the vorb version have not been updated for some reason. I will check versions and post picture back.
  4. Hello everyone, I have a Audi a6 saloon 2006 with MMI problem. The problems is that the mmi keep stopping at every like 10-15 seconds for a second and then work again. This is happen on radio, CD or nav. The problem start maybe 6 months ago, but when I use the 3 button restart from the control panel this have been sort the problem until last week. The car have factory Bluetooth and may this be the problem but phone was working fine until last week too. Sometimes I have problem with phone connecting to the car but after delete the phone and pair again this sort the problem too. I have a cable and scan the car, clear all, and scan again. Sometimes the telephone was OK sometimes cannot be reach. I read a lot on the forums that maybe the problem is in the BT module but before start dismantle the car I decide to ask if anyone experience same problem or some one with more technical knowledge could identify and help me out. I attach the full scan with VORB recognition and then few minutes later the other scan with no VORB and then another scan on Optical bus. I do not know which is exactly is the problem. What you think? Log-WAUZZZ4F07N042999-152170km-94554mi.txt Log-WAUZZZ4F07N042999-152170km-94554mi.txt OPTICAL BUS Log-152170km-94554mi.txt