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    Cars, obviously lol, everything about them interests me. Looking forward to chatting to people with similar interests.


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    mitsubishi FTO
  1. Which Golf?

    True, i have no bloody idea now lol. i just want a car that puts a smile on my face & when i park & walk away i always have to look back at it lol.
  2. Which Golf?

    i didnt know that no, thanks for info. i just like the idea of awd, the power you can tune to.
  3. Which Golf?

    i was looking at Audi s3's, but read that the golf was a better drive. im open to any car i guess, i like the idea of all wheel drive though.
  4. Which Golf?

    Thanks for the advice guys, i read that the 4motion was a possible sleeper car if tuned. i do like the idea of the R32, i guess i'll have to hang on to the fto a bit longer until i can get an R32. if i get any of the other two, im always going to be thinking about the R32 lol.
  5. Which Golf?

    I have a mitsubishi fto, thinking of getting a Golf. Would like your guys & gals opinion on which model, 1.8T, v6 4motion or R32? Any opinions will be much appreciated. Thanks.