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  1. Front end cover for Mk5 GTI?

    ha ha thanks for the responses. i'm actually taking the GTI for a track day in a couple of weeks, and thought some sort of front bumper protection is a good idea, not for the track but for the drive to the track. anyway, further ideas welcome.
  2. Hi all, am looking for a front end cover for my mk5 GTI (see attached mk4 example). Have had no luck searching on the net - wondering if anyone here may know and can help me out? Many thanks.
  3. DSG remorse?

    Thanks Neil and Melchior. I totally understand this comes down to personal preference. Although DSG is a main selling point for the GTI - I suppose for me, it's really an issue of practicality for my family vs. personal desire. I suppose it just takes some time for me to settle in on this whole DSG idea.
  4. DSG remorse?

    Thanks for all the reassurance. Neill: your experience is with the sports mode correct? Melchior: given an open road, why do you prefer DSG over M/T?
  5. DSG remorse?

    Dear all, Am about to switch my GTI order from M/T to DSG for family reasons. Since no DSG test drive is available where I live, I'd like to seek comments from fellow forum users on their DSG experiene. e.g. fun factor vs. M/T, novelty factor wearing out quickly etc. Many thanks, Omakase
  6. Pictures Of My New GTI

    Thanks for the info. Will try!
  7. Pictures Of My New GTI

    Great car and great badge. N15KJS, may I ask if the red badge can be applied to the front grille as well?
  8. Turning circle of Mk5 GTI

    well, if you live in a small city with very narrow roads and tiny carparks you might be too.
  9. Turning circle of Mk5 GTI

    No test driven available in where I live, hence the question in the forum. Had previous experience with an Alfa Romeo 147 which is known for having a large turning circle. Thx for your comments, glad to know it doesn't seem to be an issue.
  10. Hi all, I'm new here and a soon-to-be owner of a red 3dr Mk5 GTI M/T 18" alloys + full option (interior). Am a bit concerned about the the turning circle of the GTI, and the dealer has no info on it. Wonder if anyone here can comment on both 17" and 18" wheels? Many thx, omak