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  1. Just realised how old this post is DOH
  2. How does the heater control the temp ?? By water shut off valve or by matrix flap bypass . Do they have one matrix or twin matrix one for each side with a diverter valve ? In jag x type diesels I have had similar symptoms , in one of the pipes that goes to the bulkhead there is a tiny thermostat , you would never know it was there .... in fact I stumbled on it doing another job .... could the Audi have one ??? In alot of engines the feed to the matrix will come from the cylinder head because that is the hottest area , but if the return from the matrix is flow restricted you will not get hot blower air If you turn blower speed off and Rev the car up for 30 seconds or something then turn blower on do you get hot air for a bit then it goes cold again ... if so that typical bad flow through matrix . I found if it's water pump impeller spinning on the shaft under load they will overheat so if no overheat symptoms probably not that
  3. A8 ABZ camshaft timing.

    Ok , which cam is out by a tooth ? is it the cam that is furthest away by means of counting teeth in an anti clockwise direction from the mark on the crank pulley . If you think about the belt will have wear on every tooth and the rubber will of stretched albeit marginally, so normally when you mark the old belt and pulleys to a fixed point on the casing then fit the new belt the last cam furthest away from the crank pulley tends to come more advanced (pulley will be turned somewhat in the normal direction of rotation So if it was the last cam in distance of teeth away from the crank pulley the mark on the pulley that you made you would expect it to be 1 tooth advanced of the mark you already made. You see the same with timing chains when they get stretched the cam will always be retarded with the old stretched chain, then when the new chain is fitted the cam will become advanced or rather will come to be where it should be .
  4. A8 ABZ camshaft timing.

    Mmmmm. , did you make your own marks on the cam sprockets when you realised you could not get the timing pin plugs out ? Assuming here the engine has 4 cams , is it 4 cam sprockets under the front cover or does it have link chains internally between inlet and exhaust cams . I'm not very familiar with the engine but normally if it uses pins for alignment there won't be other marks on the cams but the fact that it's running you are probably one tooth out on one of the cams or both . Could you knock a torx key into the rounded spline hole , obviously here you have to mind not to smash the cover in Are you getting any cam / crank correlation fault codes referring to a particular bank . Did you undo any of the cam sprocket bolts ? they may not of been dowled or woodruff keyed , this being the case you will have to get the timing pin blanking plugs out and start again .
  5. Grey Smoke when Idling

    Does the car have dpf ? Is the engine oil overfull and smell of diesel ? Need to look in to cylinder correction factors with vcds and see if the ecm is correcting for bad injectors . I think that the air box may of had to be removed for replacement of the upper suspension arms , if the 8 is like some of the other audi models you have drop the upper cradle down a bit to get the suspension arm bolts out , have a look at the air mass ducting to make sure it's secure and not allowing false air ingress . Check in the turbo boost pipes see if they are heavy with oil , there will be oil residue in the pipes that's normal , take the inlet trunking off the turbo and see how much play is in the turbo shaft . Just looking back at your post where you say "large black box " ...... if you didn't know that that was the air filter you may struggle a bit with the checks I've said to carry out , find yourself a good independent who knows there stuff
  6. Gearbox fluid change

    Defiantly get it done , did mine recently it was well ready to be done , clutch plate dust on the bottom of the sump and debris on the magnets . The fluid is lifeguard , it's the same fluid that land rover discos and the jag xf /s type use , on these you change the plastic sumps as the sump is the filter , the Audi has a separate strainer , I used a genuine strainer and sump gasket , we buy the Lifeguard oil in 20L drums , but you can get 1L bottles it's around £22 per bottle , you will need about 6L as the torque converter will not fully drain down . The oils very important .... don't cut corners ,most modern autos have torque converter lock up , this is like a conventional clutch plate inside the converter held by a vulcanised banding and operated by oil pressure, as the lock up clutch engages it creates heat , the correct oils deal with this heat , incorrect oils will get fried and cause further gearbox issues
  7. a8 4.2 tdi auxillary heater

    Not sure on the 3L is the aux heater still under drivers side headlight ?? If so the bumper and under arch guard has to be removed . On my car the exhaust was seized onto the burner I could not shift it , would of snapped I reckon , so I had to remove a stabilizer bar to pull the whole unit into the wheel arch area . The posting that someone did was a good guide but you can see that the car looks pretty new , try the same job with 9 years of corrosion on the bolts . It took me 5 hours to do the job .... that's on a ramp and with a fully equipped work shop and all tools at hand and I work on cars for a living . But I would say get it done .... it's superb , if I set it for half an hour before I get in the car it is lovely and toasty hot inside . The water pump and hoses that's needed cost around £85 so in parts it's cheap the rest is graft
  8. a8 4.2 tdi auxillary heater

    Thanks for that SD some good info , I got it all working the other day , it was a slight code change on the aux heating module , the car was already active for the aux heating and timer function . It works a treat , if I set it for 30 mins before I get in in the morn its lovely and warm , in fact hot , carnt see why you need the diverter valve which closes off the engine but not winter yet so we shall see . I still have the code but not worried about that , from reasearch the code is some missing can data batches that the climate and aux heating its to talk to one another at a higher level but the basics of comms are present
  9. Newby

    Thanks for welcome , will try to help out where I can , yes cruiser the 4.2 is a great motor not had it long , just done the mod on auxullary heating ( see my other post ) will be gutting the dpfs , power up grade and egr calm down in the future . We have cmd file reader through torx tronics so can modify the files .... turn off or calm down egr or write swirl flaps out of script , power tunes , dpf delete files and so on
  10. a8 4.2 tdi auxillary heater

    Hello all first post on here so take it easy , i have been reasearching the auxillary heater mod on my a8 and seen a post from a Ridley Scott .... seems like a knowledgeable chap on this issue ........ is he still about ? Anyhow here goes , i have removed the bumper and inner arch panel and fitted the webasto electric pump onto the auxillary fuel burning heater , so far so good The mmi already has the function for switching the auxillary heater on and it also has the timer functions in the display already there...... before i fitted the water pump the auxillary heater would fire up and run no problems by the way . After fitting the electric water pump i am getting this code in aux heating This code was not there previous to the fit of the electric pump What happens now with the car ...... if i put igniton on but not start and go into mmi menu and switch aux heating on the burner fires up and runs and after a few miutes i am getting heat from the blowers in the car , after a while it gets nicely warmed up ....this tells me that the water pump must be working to get the heat in the car far so good . If i set the timer to come on with the car locked up on the drive the burner fires up at the preset time and runs for so long , after a few mins a can here the pipework 'thunking , gluging ' .....the burner is boiling the water in the unit because the electric pump must not be running . I have read the post from this site back from 2011 about the coding of the aux heater changing the 00000 to 00003 but stii not having any joy when it is set on the timed setting . The fault code must have some bearing on this i would of thought Many thanks Lee
  11. Newby

    Hello all just joined , I am from the Northwest St.Helens to be precise , I own an Audi a8 4.2 tdi V8 diesel . Looks like some good knowledge on here hope I can add to it , been a car tech for 27 years , I work on all makes so have a broad knowledge on most makes Thanks Lee