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  1. Weight limits for 2002 A3

    Nice one - Thanks for that - Yeah its only a KTM 125SX, so pretty light really.
  2. Very boring i know, but I need to know how much weight I can put on the back of my A3 without killing the rear shocks. I have a motocross bike that I want to mount on a towbar with a bike rack with a total weight of about 100kg. Is that too much for my car or will it be ok?? Any advice/suggestions greatly appreciated. Matt
  3. Should I buy a Z4!!

    I am thinking about buying a Z4 - Either the 2.2 or 2.5, but just had a few questions from current owners. What is the road and wind noise like?? (roof closed) Do wind deflectors come as standard?? Is it a comfortable ride for longish journeys?? Cheers Matt
  4. Stealers are unbeliveable!!!

    They get even worse:- Local dealer for 4th Service = £487 Dealer 20 miles away = £289 (with free fob programming!!!!!) Really cant belive the difference!! Scum (except for the dealer 20 miles away!!!)
  5. Cheapest place to get Audi key cut

    Just had it cut by a local locksmith for £10. Happy with that!!
  6. Stealers are unbeliveable!!!

    Top idea guys - Im off to see what I can get!!!
  7. Cheapest place to get Audi key cut

    I was told that they dont cut it, they just order a new pre-cut key at a cost of £100!!!! I will try a few other dealers though!!
  8. Here is the comparison of costs for re-programming a new fob Local dealer = £78 Dealer 20 miles away = £25 How can they get away with it!!!
  9. I have purchased a new fob and blank blade off a well known auction site and now need the blade cut. Some places wont do it and others are charging a fortune Does anyone know of any nationwide cutters that are relatively cheap. Timpsons seem the cheapest so far @ £25.
  10. How do you change a key blade?

    I have bought the fob from one person and the blade from another person - So I need to get the new blade in the new fob. Hope that makes sense. Cheers
  11. I have just purchased a new fob and blank blade, but I was wondering how you get the new blade in the fob. Cheers Matt
  12. New Key Fob for A3

    I am going to be buying a new key fob shortly for my 02 A3. I was wondering if anyone has the definied instructions for coding the new fob. I have found a few sites but the instructions seem to vary. Has anyone does this successfully and if so how? Matt
  13. I noticed that i have the same car as you. Did you notice a big difference fter getting chipped? Also how much did it cost and where did you get it done? So basically you get continous power rather than a burst. Also you dont lose the punch when trying to overtake on a motorway, do you??? Matt
  14. Will put some up on the weekend
  15. Picked up my new car about 2 weeks ago, and what a car!! I am so chuffed with it, it is amazing!! Worth every penny. A few questions i would like answered. I am thinking about getting it chipped in a few months. Might be a stupid question but, if i do will it increase the turbo thrust or does it just give more power when you are not in the turbo power band. Also im sure that you can get chrome linings for the dash etc. I might be wrong but it thought i saw some ebay before. Anyways, what a car!! Audi's all the way now!!!