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  1. Holiday car Hire in Spain

    Thanks guys
  2. Holiday car Hire in Spain

    Cheers will have a look thank you
  3. Holiday car Hire in Spain

    Hi I wan't to hire a car nothing special just a run around in Maliga Spain any advice on the best company to deal with thanks
  4. Chrysler 300C drivers

    We hired one in Florida a 5.7 litre V8 runs on 6 cylinder about town for better fuel consumtion, and the other two kick in at higher speed. Great to drive over there on there nice straight roads but not over here on our roads would be a nightmare. not a lot of them up here in Scotland on our nice twisty roads though!!!! think that says something
  5. Tyres We used them and got the tyres at national tyres, supplied and fitted £50 cheeper than national tyres own price for the same 4 tyres . And much cheeper than all the other quotes we had over the phone or on the WWW .
  6. Tyres

    Try this much cheeper than Blackcircles .
  7. Honeymoon USA Car hire (Gas Guzzling Monster!)

    We hired a Jeep Comander 5.7 L last year great big gas guzzler best mpg we had out of it was 15mpg . Had cruse control air con all the usual stuf great to drive too
  8. used one for a year now great things but still have to use road signs and ur brain !!!! dont beleve every thing it tells you.Told me to do a right turn at a junction with a no right turn sign!!one or two addresses ive put in not found strange!!,out comes the back up A to z . But over all great things gets you right to the door and saves the stress but somtimes takes you on a slightly strange route
  9. Flee bay

    thank you that all i asked cheers sorry for no punctuation,,,,,...........'''
  10. Flee bay

    Its not a hard question !!!!!!!!!!!does it realy nead punctuation
  11. Flee bay

    Hi guys yous are the best people to ask i think how much what are the costs to sell a car on flee bay to list a car will only take a deposit for car with paypal and the balance with cash or other payment methods cheers
  12. Brest (value) SatNav?

    Have the tom tom my self very good only had a few places not found on it in five months of doing deliverys to peoples homes tryed the garmin slim sat nav dont know the model last week and was very impressed with it faster at finding the satalites at startup and very easy to use
  13. Angry

    Avoid the spanner fit dust caps mine would not budge with a socket on them and had to be cut off very carefully with a dremil multi tool thingy
  14. The most embarrassing car you've driven?

    Suzuki swift on Holiday felt every pothole in Zantie