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  1. New cat ?

    For those that aren't aware, currently separated from the mrs, and own a 14 month old Bengal house cat ( gorgeous, female and had the op ) which the mrs has taken with her. If I get another Bengal female kitten - and the Mrs returns. Will the 2 cats get on ?
  2. TVR Chimaera 4.0HC

    Whats the oil pressure like ?
  3. I'm in love...

    I love those 8 Series BMWs, great looking car. Came close to owning one but just heard horror stories of averaging 10-14mpg. 19mpg I could live with, just sold a Mondeo ST220 that was averaging that ( spirited driving )
  4. CHAVMOBILE Spotting...

    Thats an upside down boot spoiler being used at the bottom of that Peugeot.
  5. A couple of one liners (Txt)

    What do you call a man floating in the sea ? Bob. What do you call a man with a number plate on his head ? Reg. What do you call a man with cow sh*t on his head ? Pat. etc etc..........
  6. Buying Advice

    I've recently bought an 04 Saab 2.0T Vector saloon, with above average business miles, and am very pleased with it. More comfy and practical than a Subaru and I'm a few years younger than the average Volvo S60 driver. Just my opinion.
  7. Looks great with that bumper kit.
  8. BMWs for sale M3 and 330i Sport

    Points taken Rusty - but just adding my opinion - as you have yours, just tell me when I can pull my trousers up. Just as an added extra, Isn't it now 6 months warranty on any used car from a trader - courtesy of the EU ?
  9. BMWs for sale M3 and 330i Sport

    FFS give him a break ! He's been on here for a while, not like the usual "newbie one-post" car ads that appear on here.
  10. Best colour for a 350Z?

    Grey then silver.
  11. Freebie HPi / car check ?? Anyone

    Not sure you can validate a registered keeper - surely that info is only on the dvla/police computers.
  12. black lp640 manchester

    Weep on ?
  13. private sale - wording for deposit receipt

    Sold as seen - no warranty given or implied.
  14. There is a firm in Hucknall Notts, that fits them for £70 ( you provide the parrot )