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  1. Audi B7 pillar pod

    Thanks for the reply Still prefer a pod
  2. Audi B7 pillar pod

    Hi allCould someone suggest a suitable pillar pod for my 2005 Audi A4 2.0Tdi RHD B7Or even post a link for one as I am doing a boost gauge install (52mm gauge)Thanks
  3. Boot latch wont engage

    Thanks for the reply I fixed it in the end took the latch off the car removed the motor cover and took out the pin with the spring on it and crushed the end of the spring a little. And now it works fine
  4. Running cold

    Thanks for the reply head scratching indeed
  5. Running cold

    Thanks for the reply Doesent matter if its hot or cold the coolant level is still at the same level. Sits on max Exhaust is fine no black smoke, oil level need's about a couple of egg cups full's about every 1500 miles which is as far as I'm lead to believe is normal for an audi engine. No gunk on the oil filler cap Just passed its mot and the exhaust emissions were well below the requirements, Even the examiner said it's very clean.
  6. Running cold

    took the car for a 30 minute run temperature still at 50 (cold) Heater warm.Got back home left the car running took the hose of at the heater matrix with the pin hole. Put the heaters to hottest setting and full speedRan the car for ten minutes no sign of any water coming out of that hole or bubbles, Took the expansion tank of and lifted it as high as it would go for 5 minutes still no water.Switched the car off took the cap off the expansion bottle and after about two seconds there was a good flow of water came out.Is my water pump gone?Top of the engine is not hot, you can put your hand on itAny help on this i'm lost
  7. Running cold

    Thanks for the reply. No the top of the engine is not really.
  8. Running cold

    Hi allMy car runs cold very seldom the car gets above 50 degrees unless it's getting booted up a hill then drops back to the 50 again.Changed the thermostat to a 88 degrees still the same running cold.Plugged in live data temperature gauge reads correct when I drive watching the data screen I can see the temperature rising going up a hill and dropping back going down a hill.When i do a diagnostic check on it comes up with engine coolant temperature sensor changed that for a genuine audi one cleared the codes still comes up with that faultTook the thermostat out, put it in a jar of boiling water at 88 degrees, I can then see it opening. Poured in some cold water it closes.No mental black smoke, the heaters good but not mental hot, some times I get 53mpg some times as low as 40mpg all under the same driving conditions.Top and bottom radiator hoses dont get too hot and the hoses going to the internal heater are not hot (just warm)Any ideas on this one? I'm totally lost2005 Audi A4 B7 2.0 tdi
  9. ESP light

    Thanks for the reply. Will check it out and I'll get back to you.
  10. ESP light

    ESP light came on, done the fault code reader and it came up with 00526 brake light switch sporadic 011- open circuit. Bought a new audi brake light switch. And the light still comes on. (every two to three days) But if i switch the car off and on it goes out and wont come back for two or three days. When it's on there is no change on the car, it drives and brakes as it should. Any ideas?
  11. Air Con Pulley

    Thanks for the reply. How do you remove the pulley? Mine has a plastic cover on the front of the pulley.
  12. Air Con Pulley

    Hi All I am getting a rattle from the aircon pulley, phoned audi for a replacement £180 Don't really want to pay that kind of money as the air con dosn't work on the car any way. Is there any way around it? I was thinking of running a short drive belt but there is not a off the shelf belt for a non air con model. Does anyone know of a belt that would fit? Audi A4 B7 2.0tdi 2005
  13. Boot latch wont engage

    Hi AllFor the last few weeks I have had issues with the boot lid not catching shut, took the liner off the inside of the boot lid, removed the locking mechanism and took the cover off.The internal pin that opens the catch was not fully retracted stopping the lock from shutting properly. the motor inside the boot catch was not retracting the pin fully, so thought in might be a problem with the electrical connector (3 pin model) removed the terminals from the plastic connector and cleaned them.But it is still not letting the boot latch properly close causing the warning to show on the dash. It seams to work intermittently, it worked fine after cleaning the electrical connector, but the next day opened the boot with the handle and it wont lock in place again.Any help on this matter would be much appreciated. Audi A4 2005 2.0 TDI Saloon
  14. EGR valve insufficient flow

    Thanks for the reply I'll give it a shot
  15. Hi all I took my car to audi to get a diagnostic check done came back as egr valve insufficient flow. Bought a new siemens EGR valve and I am Still getting the same fault code The pipe feeding the egr valve has slight oily/sooty coating on the inside which can be wiped off with your finger. No blockages in the pipe. What else could cause this fault? 2005 Audi A4 2.0Tdi