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  1. S4 tyres with rim protector strips

    Hello Ian, according to a tyre review website Michelin Alpin Pilot tyres are by a long way the best tyres for a S4 V8, but (A) they are winter tyres and ( B) they don't seem to be available anymore. I'm guessing that the two Michelins you refer to may we'll be comparable perhaps, but do you know how their rim protection compares to the Goodyears you advocate ? cheers Rosanne.
  2. S4 tyres with rim protector strips

    You are right, Scotty, fuel consumption stopped being a consideration the moment I bought a Jaguar " E" type Series III Roadster a few years ago, and I have been driving V8 BMW X5's as an every day road car since until my last one got knicked. I take the view that as long as hubbie continues to drive his six litre W12 Bentley Continental GTC he can't complain about my petrol bills ! Incidentally, my S4 is in concours condition despite its mileage. It's a one owner car before me and the owner was a celeb whose dad owned an Audi main dealership in Brazil, so it's fsh is all Audi main dealerships where all the spanners were wielded by the area service managers and signed off accordingly. thanks for your responses , they are much appreciated. cheers, rosanne
  3. S4 tyres with rim protector strips

    Hi Scotty, thanks for your speedy and helpful reply. From what you say can I take it to mean that tyres designed to cope with winter conditions have definite downsides in the summer ? Would that be noise, increased fuel consumption, harsh ride or what ? Also, do V8 S4's have a cam belt or chain do you know. Mines got 84,000 miles on it so I'm wondering about replacing the belt if it has one. cheers, Rosanne.
  4. I need to replace all four tyres on my Audi V8 S4. Price is immaterial but they must be good in dealing with surface water and snow ( I DON'T WANT A TYRE PURELY FOR WINTER USE UNLESS THEY ARE ALSO FINE IN THE SUMMER ). It is imperative that they also have rim protector strips. Any ideas please, guys ? Cheers, Rosanne.