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  1. Am I the only one?

    [ QUOTE ] Going back to Alfas, we use a Vauxhall dealer to service our vans and they are also an Alfa franchise. Now Vauxhalls have improved alot of late but are still average on reliability/service. We've got to know the service manager well and he tells us straight about Vauxhalls short comings, when we asked him about the quality of the Alfas he said it was shocking and a constant nightmare. There is no back up from Alfa regarding problems and no one knows what to do if there is something out of the ordinary. He said they made Vx's look like Rolls Royces Be afraid, very afraid. [/ QUOTE ] In that case alfa's must be bad, I had a vectra sri 16v turbo diesel for a company car for 3 years and 120000 miles, for the amount of things that went wrong, the jobs that weren't done as promised, and for the times I was promised a courtesy car to no avail, I would NEVER consider spending my hard earned cash on a Vauxhall or recomend them in any way, even to my worst enemy..... With that in mind those Alfa's must be the worst cars in the history of the universe..... Sorry was I generalising..... Maybe I should by VW as I will never, ever, ever have even the slightest niggle.....
  2. The Real Alternative

    However, in my quest to justify spending >£23 000 on a car (regardless of the badge) I have looked at Audi, Jaguar, BMW, Renault, Lexus, Subaru, Mazda, Vauxhall, Nissan etc. I've said it before and I'll say it again 147 GTA.... £22750 for a 250BHP v6, looks great sounds better. A lot more cost effective than the 3.2 GT, 350z and the like.
  3. Am I the only one?

    Let's be honest, if they were that good more people would have one, and I have seen, erm, none on the roads sice last month, in fact come to think of it, I've only EVER (!!!) seen two on the roads, some car eh??!! THOUGHT I'D FRESHEN YOUR MEMORY!
  4. Am I the only one?

    Trouble is with Alfa, their reputation is poor mainly due to corrosion and the cheap materials that were used in the past, i doubt they are any more problematic than a VW group car. The difference is you expect an alfa to go wrong and assume a VW is bullit proof. Not so, it would seem, after reading this site. Can you upload pics into these posts???
  5. Am I the only one?

    Not really, I just think its a credible alternative and a lot of car for the money. Sometimes not having the same car as everyone else is a nice experience.
  6. Am I the only one?

    Have you considered the Alfa Romeo 147 GTA?