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  1. Thank you VERY VERY MUCH. I have just registered to this forum just to tell you thank you for the advice, it totally worked on my Audi A4 from 2002. First my issue was the immobilizer light flashing all the time and i have used both spear and normal key and nothing happened. Then I decided just to re-program the key, but that failed and the alarm would not stop. I have removed the battery for a night and this morning i have managed to turn off the alarm and re-program the key. After that the immobilizer light kept flashing and also the electronic stabilization light flashed and stayed on. I have left the key for 20 minutes as you have suggested and got away from the car so i dont know if less than 20 minutes would have fixed the issue or not but when i got back the immobilizer light was off and i was able to turn on the car. After a while the electronic stabilization light went off too so now the car is save and running. You just saved me 240 pounds membership to AA, they have asked for that much since my car is already broken and its in front of my house!!! Thank you again!!!