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  1. Brake lights not working - try this!

    Brilliant young man.....you saved me money - time and headaches.......ABS and warning triangle lights came on together ......no brake lights either. Diagnosed as needing a pedal switch. SQUEALER/STEALER wanted £28 plus vat.......local factors £4.90 I started to do the job - looked easy-peasy until I couldn't find that last screw holding the dash part on.......then this post showed me how.....little bugger tucked away out of sight. Once I got that one it was plain sailing although a bit awkward for a big fella like me. I had almost given up and asked the squealer/stealer/dealer for a price.....was quote £87.00 plus vat. Needless to say I chose to persevere... However got it all done - in truth it took an absolute novice like me 20 minutes from start to finish.....brake lights fine and no ABS or warning triangle on the dash lights!!!!! Thank you Only one thing that little "troublesome" screw inside the top of the Handbook holder panel is a pain to get back in.....leaving that for another day when I'm in a better mood!!!!! Wish all posts were as informative as this one.....thanks again....