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  1. Aftermarket Bulbs

    Those bulbs came out top in a recent test of 30 odd bulbs by Auto Express. I have not use those particular ones as my current A3 has xenon headlights but I have used similar Philips uprated bulbs in the past and been very pleased with them
  2. A3 facelift release date?

    As far as I know at the moment the changes are mostly to the headlights and rear lights. LED DRLs in the headlights for example. I think the Ingolstadt plant will start making the facelift version following the August shutdown. Some people who have tried to order a new Sportback recently have been given quite long delivery dates - September for example, so it may mean any car ordered now will be a facelift version.
  3. [ QUOTE ] Still it didn't look anything special next to the S3 and it was silver ... [/ QUOTE ] Better than being Black like almost every other A3 on the road!!
  4. Replacing my A3 2.0 TDI

    I currently have a 2.0TDI-170 having had a 2.0TDI-140 previously. I also test drove a 1.8TFSI a month or so ago and found it didn't have anything like the 'go' of my 170. It needed a lot of revs to get it going out of a corner. The 170 is quieter than the 140 as well as being more powerful but you do lose some MPG. Both my 140 and 170 have had DSG or S-tronic as it's now called. Just a name change to separate it from the VW version. Both mine have had SE standard suspension so I cannot comment on the Sport/S-Line suspension.
  5. By all account the correct charge for a dealer to do it is half an hours labour to change and half an hour to change them back. Should be around £100 in total. Having said that it's much more convenient to do it yourself using VAG-COM and if your take the car to European a couple of times it costs less as well. My total for purchase of the necessary VAG-COM cable was £195.25 (129.00 + 42.45 delivery + 23.80 VAT and service charge from FedEx). I shall probably do mine when I'm sitting in the car going through the Channel Tunnel!
  6. I have now written up a page giving instructions how to Change Bi-Xenons for European Driving. Click the link below to see the PDF file... Change Bi-Xenons for European Driving
  7. Hi Sebastian I tried the headlight convert this afternoon and I think it works. Why I say I only think it works is because when I changed the setting in control module 55 channel 10 from 0 to 1 my xenons did go down slightly. Nothing came up in the information balloons about 'Tourist Option' or anything else. The screen just stayed blank when I selected channel 10. Why I am not completely sure is that, when it was done by my dealer last year using their VAS5051 kit, a message came up on my DIS every time I switched on to remind me to change them back. No message at all when I change using VAG-COM.
  8. Perhaps BMW don't fit very good parking sensors. Mine work fine. Start off with a slow beep, gradually getting faster as you get closer to an object. It then goes to a continuous note when your approx 300mm away. I find them very useful when manoeuvring in a confined space.
  9. I knew there was a reason I ordered my car with rear parking sensors!!!
  10. As they used to say on Dad's Army - Stupid Boy!
  11. It should certainly be obvious if it works because,last June, I took my car to my dealer to have the headlights changed for European driving. They connected it up to their VAG5051 system and did the necessary. Whenever I switched on the ignition after that a warning message came up on the DIS to have the lights changed back when I came home. I'm assuming I will see the same if I change them using my VAG-COM.
  12. Hi Sebastian The part number of the module(#55) is 8P0-907-357C Here is the print-out for that module Address 55: Xenon Range Labels: 8P0-907-357.LBL Part No: 8P0 907 357 F Component: Dynamische LWR H02 0010 Coding: 0000012 Shop #: WSC 06314 No fault code found. Thanks
  13. No I have normal Xenon Plus or Bi-Xenon headlights.
  14. I don't have adaptive Xenons by I had mine 'done' at my dealer last year. They said they have to connect it to their VAG5051 system and change a code. After they had done it a reminder to have them changed back was given on the DIS whenever the ignition was turned on. So I assume it must be possible with VAG-COM as well.
  15. I have just received my VAG-COM cable from Ross-Tech in the States. I've loaded the spftware onto my laptop ok and connected up to the ODB port and run a full Auto-Scan. All seems to work as it should. All I need know is to know how to recode my Bi-Xenon headlights for driving in Europe. Anyone know how to do this or where I can the information.