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  1. 2014/15 A8 - 4.0 or TDI???

    Thank you for the great response! I'm assuming that you believe the TDI is better for longevity and lower service costs than the 4.0 petrol? I appreciate the info on the seats, Bose, and wheels. I never would have known to check.
  2. 2014/15 A8 - 4.0 or TDI???

    New to Audi and have been researching A8s. I drive a ton of highway miles (~40K/yr) and was concerned about overall longevity and service costs. I'm used to driving Lexus or Infiniti, but after driving the Audis I'm hooked! I'm used to buying a car with 30K-50K miles and driving it until about 200K+. Is this feasible with the A8? Are there benefits to going with either the 4.0 or 3.0 TDI?? I've heard great things about both. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Trying to make the jump over!