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  1. MKV GTi Mods

    Or indeed.... ABT Sportsline..... A bit wild... but they also do other stuff.. such as a 30HP, 50NM remap... Here is their on-line shop... (it's in german... but quite easy german ) hint : felgen = wheels , Karosserie = Body work, Fahrwerk = Suspension, Zubehor = Misc, Abgastechnik = Exhaust stuff (Auspuff)
  2. Niggles

    What Car : Car Pages :;echo=981948140 What Van : I can't see it on the UK Volkswagen site... but the mags seem to think that it will be / is on sale in the UK. While I am a Brit, I live and work in Holland and I sourced my car over here. Here it is on the Germany site : Its a great solution for a small family. I'm going to choose the GTI for work/fun.
  3. Niggles

    I demo'd a car with SatNav..I too found the stereo to be okay. We also have a new VW Caddy Life (a van-like family MPV thingy based on the GolfV.. ) and it has the same (fewer speakers I think!) audio system fitted to Golfs without SatNav... and I've also found it to be okay. Certainly better than the one originally fitted to my Saab 9-3 (AS3 upgrade)
  4. Phots of GTI

    Love the car! Still trying to work out what colour I should order. About the ipod holder... is this wired to the car's audio system? If so... HOW?!?.
  5. Am I the only one?

    I noticed that in EVO.. they list 'boomy' engine as a touch wearing as a neg in the buyers guides at the rear of the mag.
  6. The Real Alternative

    Once one considers options on the forthcoming VXR, Focus ST or Megane 225 Sport... they are all more or less the same price in most markets. The spec of Golf I'm looking at puts it at 43K Euro including Tax.. That puts it at the same price for example as a Saab 9-3 Aero.. the Aero does not have the Xenons, the Navigation system, the sunroof, 18'' wheels etc or indeed the quality of fit, finish and interior.. nor as good seats. Yes, the Golf is 10hp less and is slightly smaller.. but then the Golf weighs less and thus has greater performance. From a driving perspective, the Golf is without a doubt excellent and a league better than what has come from Audi/Saab/Opel/Vauxhall etc in recent years. I don't need a bigger car. But if it can give 75% of what an Elise or Renault Clio Sport Cup can and be practical and inhabitable then great! I don't remember my 3.2 911, Audi RS2, Golf mk2 GTI 16v, Subaru Impreza Turbo or Corrado VR6 (All classed as seminal performance cars in their time) being as good to drive, in terms of sheer agility and go-cart handling as the test drive I've just had with the Mk5. It's a great effort.
  7. Am I the only one?

    A3/Golf uses Haldex clutch system... proper Quattros use Torsen central diff. There is a big difference. (Mind you .. my last Audi was an RS2.... things may have changed since.)
  8. Mk 5 GTI exhaust

    Could just be the car running hot. To prevent detonation, many turbo cars periodically get the air/fuel mixture quite rich to keep things cool.