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  1. And theese one on Ebay..
  2. There are 2 different t91 kits on the site : Audi Telestart T91 KIT Reception range up to 1.000 meteres. Compatible with Webasto heaters : Thermo Top E,Thermo Top C, Thermo Top P, Thermo Top V and systems with Timer 1533 and Audi Telestart T91 KIT Succesor - 1K0963513A and 4F0909509 Which one works? Thank you
  3. Auxilary Heating

    I am wondering about the T91 kit. There is one set that have a white box, and one set that have a balck box. (links to the sets on ebay) The black one says T91/T100. I guess I should go for the white box? Also it says: IMPORTANT Before you plug the main connector back into the FBH you need to introduce a wire to Pin 1 of the main plug. Did you cut and solder this one on to the wire the behind the connector?