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  1. Has to be value - 335i M Sport Coupe

    Just put mine on pistonheads yesterday if anyone is interested, fantastic motor - BMW : BMW 335i m-sport coupe
  2. 335i buying advise?

    Yes - Evolve are remapping and DMS should be available next month. But prices are high and a remap is susceptible to detection, therefore bye bye warrenty. I much prefer the piggybacks as they are plug and play now, making it easy to install and remove before visits to the dealership - plus they are significantly cheaper to buy and can be sold at a later date if desired. I do have some concerns about piggybacks not being as 'advanced' as a remap (due to limited i/o) but the latest generation of piggbacks are very stable and there are few reported limp mode or error codes reported with the latest offerings from BMS and Vishnu in the US.
  3. ditching runflats...?

    I have also changed the 19s on my 335i. I changed for Vredestien Ultrac Sessantas - I would argue are pound note for pound note the best tyre on the market. The tpms is fine and the ride on my msport setup is fantastic. Absolutely transformed the car - it has gone from "not too bad considering its on run flats" to a perfect blend of handling, poise and refinement. Highly recommended.
  4. 335i buying advise?

    Not too much to be careful about really. Make sure that you go for a post September 2007 (MY08) car. These included the new efficient dynamics package (regenerative braking etc). These reduce the Co2 rating of the 335i to band F, pre MY08 are band G. I have got a manual, but you there are very few manuals out there. The auto box is good for a torque converter - but not as good as DSG. Some say that iDrive is a must, I disagree, that is a matter of taste though. Otherwise get one and get a piggyback chip installed. The JB3 (juicebox 3) is the daddy at the moment. You can achieve 380 - 400 bhp for under £400 (+ intake would be advised). Plenty of info on the forced induction and UK pages on Happy hunting!!
  5. Why does my e92 coupe do this?

    This is precisely the purpose of the feature - very useful too!
  6. New 335i/d tourer, advice required

    [ QUOTE ] Forget the petrol - the diesel will hold its value much better. Not like the diesel is any slower either! You know it makes sense. [/ QUOTE ] Forecasts that I have seen say that the diesel will hold its value better that the petrol in the short term (1-3 years) but over that they will be very similar.
  7. New 335i/d tourer, advice required

    Not 100% - but that is my understanding.
  8. New 335i/d tourer, advice required

    [ QUOTE ] Do you think that is a different system? Matt [/ QUOTE ] It is the same system, just installed in a different location. The dealers retrofit the USB into the glove box rather than under the arm rest.
  9. E92 Kidney Gril

    I bought a pair from a site in America -
  10. 335i economy question

    I have an MY08 335i manual. MY08 have efficient dynamics and manual are more efficient than auto. I get 28 ish for mixed driving, 30 when pootling around and 25 when pushing on. Realy world, it is only slightly more thirsty than my DSG MKV GTI, considering the extra 100+ bhp and that the golf is an FSI engine it is pretty good.
  11. What Next?

    Yes - I bought it new with a 10% discount. Didn't bother with nav or automatic box, but leather and other goodies were on my list. Interestingly, it is cheaper to insure than my GTI (£350) and same tax band (only for post September 07 / MY 08 cars - they introduced efficient dynamics onto MY 08 cars, bringing the 335i just into category F from G. I wouldn't touch a pre Sept 07 car, long term depreciation will be a killer!)
  12. What Next?

    [ QUOTE ] ...but nowhere near as beautiful as the coupe (IMO) [/ QUOTE ] Agreed . I changed my '05 laser blue GTI: for this about 5 months ago: The GTI was a cracking car. The 335i has the same qualities as the GTI (practicality, refinement, quality & performance) but each in larger amounts. Remaps/chips are becoming available for them now also. A 400 - 420 bhp remap/chip and quaife LSD can be had for a total of £1600 - these mods mean they can outrun an e92 M3 to 60 (4.2 ish seconds) and be close on the heels of a 997 turbo. Discounts have been reduced lately, but it is still possible to find dealers that will give 10% off the car and options (for the saloon in particular).
  13. What Next?

    I went from a MKV GTI to a 335i coupe and haven't looked back. A 335i saloon can be had for under 30k new and has the tuning potential of 400+ bhp for as little as £400.
  14. New 335i/d tourer, advice required

    I took a 335i cab and 335d coupe out - I ended up buying a 335i coupe. The cab did feel horrible - lots of scuttle shake, when combined with the twitchiness of the rft's it was not fun at all. The extra weight of the cab stiffled the performance of the 335i also. All in all the car did not inspire moderate to high speed driving. Take an e90, e91 or e92 335i out. A far better comparison. BTW - Part of the reason I got the 335i is the manual box. Makes the car really involving compared to the soulless 335d engine & auto combo.
  15. Volume buttons on the left hand side of the steering wheel are just not intuitive. Whether this is because my previous car had them on the right I don't know - but I don't get on with them. Also, I haven't found a means of adjusting the dual climate control for both sides of the car by just adjusting the drivers control. This was a function in my MKV Golf and one that I miss on my e92. On the Golf you can press and hold the drivers control and that will adjust the passenger side at the same time until the passenger control is adjusted.