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  1. One-touch memory / keyless go / safety password

    Video in front is by the way fixed with a small cable from kufatec. RSE was not connected to MMI. Have also ordered a mirror link device so i can share picture from my Phone.
  2. One-touch memory / keyless go / safety password

    Performance is crazy and i keep on smiling
  3. One-touch memory / keyless go / safety password

    Yes, i have enabled vim No, only had the car for a month, so i dont have that kind of papers. I have asked Audi, but summertime so they are slow
  4. One-touch memory / keyless go / safety password

    Good point. Just want to Be able to see movies Without headset. And most of all help the kids if they want to forward, change, ++
  5. One-touch memory / keyless go / safety password

    That worked perfectly. Its still a little bit slow, but alot better! I used greeze, probably not optimal.. but got me a confirmation that the motor was OK. What kind of oil do you recommend? Anybody got experiance with Rear Seat Entertainment System from Alpine? I have monitors in headrest and those works perfectly. In elsawin i read " The audio and video signals from the rear DVD changer -R162- are also reproduced via the MMI and the sound system of the vehicle." But i cant find a way to play DVD in the front screen (MMI) - same with sound. I have tried all sources. Any clue?
  6. One-touch memory / keyless go / safety password

    Hm, thanks for the tip :D I will try it when the kids are in bed
  7. One-touch memory / keyless go / safety password

    hihihi ;D The sound is perfect and I am totally in love with the car now :D For now I am only going to fix every faults in the car - and after that I can think of mods There is some small issues with soft-lock and slow lid motor ++ Yes, I know that Audi dealer can help me but they are closed now - hehe Don't think it is possible to reset user database directly from the MMI. I have looked through all manuals except Elsawin - suddenly a license problem :|
  8. Hi guys I just bought myself an Audi S8 5.2l FSI and the previos owner (car dealer) did not give me and does not have the safety password for editing/deleting/adding user profiles. So I don't have any uppertunity to create a user to me and cant remove old profiles. I have searched alot for some information about how I can reset the password with vag-com, but no luck so far. Does anybody have some info about this? Thanks