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  1. 1st Service Prices

    Thought I'd bring this back up, as there are ever more GTI's about hopefully it will help someone. Just been quoted £195 for variable service & £285 for long life.....My GTI is 12 months old less than 6k miles & the stealer (who are normally good for service but pants @ selling) said it shouldn't need doing, checked his computer and remarked it was on long life servicing, wtf!?! Anyway booked it in next week so they can plug the computer in & check why the service now is showing. Cheers
  2. 18" Monza Alloys for sale

    Hi VeeDub_GTi Just PM'd you about the Monza's, let me know.
  3. Service due in miles or days???

    I also have lowish mileage & the warning started from 6k miles to go, the car is 12 months old now. It may take me most of the next 12 months to clock up 6k miles so when do you service??? Going on the miles that will be 2 years from purchase.........not good for the car or warranty IMO
  4. Anyone else's service interval show as either miles or days? Mine currently needs servicing in 5600 miles or 11 days I spoke to the stealer yesterday and they said the stearlers all work in number of miles and there would be no warranty issues if I went past the 11 days......... Anyone heard anything different?
  5. Continual beep on my 05, or should I say annoying
  6. UK Spec questions

    I saw some pictures of GTI's @ Euroimports that were ready to go, no wax in sight? Kinda surprised you need to arrange for it's removal, I imported my previous Golf & it arrived as it would have nice & shiny from the showroom. Cheers
  7. Australian MK5 Owners (...and orderers) :-/

    Maybe not today but you will
  8. Australian MK5 Owners (...and orderers) :-/

    Guys, just think how much more exclusive your cars will be when they arrive I know it's no consolation but I've been in Aus recently & only saw 1 GTI in over 2 weeks!!! Now compare to the UK where they almost seem to be everywhere.......
  9. Wheel finish durability

    It's only the rears though, fronts are deep gloss red??? I'll see what the stealer says.......
  10. Wheel finish durability

    Cheers NigOws, will do the same when mine goes in shortly!!! Also got a chip on the red brake callipers, does anyone know if these are covered under warranty? My rear callipers also look as if they have faded slightly, anyone else noticed this? Cheers
  11. Wheel finish durability

    Hi NigOws, be interested in what your dealer has to say. Cheers
  12. Personal import - £5K saving !

    This site is better than therapy! If it wasn't against the rules I'm sure people would pay for it
  13. Wheel finish durability

    Not looking for the blame game, just interested if anyone is seeing more chips/marks than expected........if so I will take it up with the dealer. Maybe I was just unlucky but wanted opinions from the forum, my previous Golfs alloys didn't mark as bad after 3 times the mileage. IMO the blame would lie with VW/dealer I purchased the car from not BBS, it may be thier product but I have no relationship with them?!? Cheers
  14. Wheel finish durability

    Cheers Red I wash & wax regularly & very disappointed they marked so easily.......I've done half your mileage
  15. As it was valentines day yesterday I thought I'd give her a good going over and after polish/waxing her body I applied wheel wax all round. I was very surprised that two of my alloys (one front, one rear & on different sides?) were quite badly scratched I've hear VW paint is very soft but their alloys??? I have been travelling loads lately, unfortunately not in the GTI so mileage from new is relatively low, how's everyone elses wheels holding up? Image attached. PS: no 17 vs 18 gags