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  1. audi a4 sline 2005, cannot find the mpg

    It can be retrofitted. Cost approx £150 inc VAT
  2. Back to Audi

    I can fulfil only one of those unfortunately
  3. Back to Audi

    I should be stepping back into an Audi in the next couple of weeks or so.. fingers crossed! Will you have me back, please?
  4. 10 Years of MK

    Bollocks, I've been sat in a hotel all evening about 15 miles away... typical that I come online now! Ah well, hope you had a good one guys!
  5. Interesting group buy on Pistonheads...

    Gains of 60bhp on our dyno.
  6. Interesting group buy on Pistonheads...

    £550 is the group buy price? Our map is already cheaper at £499 and we've done a few. Perhaps they should give us a call, we'd do an even better price for a group booking.
  7. Cheap S4 Cab anyone

    The power of TSN, 10 years on!
  8. Dead A4 convertible 2.5tdi Feb 2005

    Hi, give the office a call 01623 332233 I'll be there later today. Cheers
  9. Advice on an older A4 Quattro...

    Unfortunately that's not quite true. Camshaft problems and fuel pumps breaking are two massive problems on 2.5TDIs, and they can be expensive to maintain when it comes to cambelt changes etc. 1.9TDI 130 are usually the ones to go for and the most reliable, but quattros are rare. 1.8T Quattro can be had for under £2k and it's still a nice car. Only real problem with them is the oil pump pickup getting blocked up with crud which causes low oil pressure. A simple enough job to sort out and probably worth factoring in the cost of doing that when buying a car (approx. 3-4 hours and £20 for the pipe).
  10. Dead A4 convertible 2.5tdi Feb 2005

    We could fix that, by either removing the immobiliser from the engine ECU (by post if you prefer) or by coding the clocks in properly if you preferred.
  11. Dealer BS, or DVLA problem?

    I was waiting for 4 weeks for a plate transfer recently, so I wouldn't be surprised if it's true.
  12. Mercedes works, sort of. Handles a bit nicer with fresh suspension and steering arms that are actually connected to the end of the column.
  13. Bollocks, glad you mentioned chunferry Suddards. I'd completely forgotten that booking a hotel in Brussels might involve crossing a few miles of water.
  14. A8 Engine ECU

    I'm not quite sure about that diagnosis. If an ECU had a fault in one of the chips, the car wouldn't usually start at all. I'd be interested to take a look at the problem and try to offer an alternative. We can also supply and fit second hand ECUs if required.