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  1. Rear sunblinds

    sorry ignore that just reread post, you said side rear not rear window
  2. Rear sunblinds

    Not sure if you have purchased anything yet but I managed to get the VW sunblind for the rear window for my gti and its suprisingly cheap for a vw accessory, can't remember on how much it was but it was around £25. It attaches to the parcel shelf (permanently) and where the roof meets the window via thin metal hooks that slide in a gap there (temporary), it retracts when the boot is opened like a roller blind. I did have a link kindly provided by a member in this forum to a site in the deutschlander but can't find that either. Not much help am I but anyway its a neat solution and very solid.
  3. The self drving GTi

    It's towards a sad day for drivers worldwide but it impresses me all the same
  4. The self drving GTi

    I found the daily mail original article Daily Mail Self Driving GTi link which also has a video link Self Driving GTi Video Link (WMV)
  5. New wheels - now what tyres?

    I have just had Goodyear F1 GD3's put on and after the Dunlop's I had from new the differnece in grip is huge both in dry and wet.
  6. The self drving GTi

    I was just browsing the Internet, came across this link and thought of you lot. I appologise if this has been spoke about before Self Driving Golf Link
  7. The GTI is now "common"

    Not mine unless my man boobs were looking more pert than normal. I'm all over Reading but normally on the M4, Theale and around the Madjeski stadium. I know of one other TSN'er who's Grey in reading Chalky_White aorunf the Lower Early area.
  8. The GTI is now "common"

    Give me a wave if you see me, I'm a grey in Reading. Number plate starts A16 You get allot passionless GTI owners round here but I am always happy to one on the road even after a year of ownership. I seem to get more excited by the R32's though, even the old ones.
  9. Windscreen Washer Jets

    I Just went and checked my car I was curiuos as I hadn't even noticed this. 1. Turn on ignition. 2. First pull of lever, strong pee to 66% up then on to wide spray after 1-2 seconds then wiper kicks in with whole window covered. 3. Second Pull of lever straight to wide spray and all other sprays after that. Something's there by design, to what purpose I don't have a clue. I think it might be to do with the heated washer jets or maybe to just concentrate water on the main area of the windscreen before an initial wipe.
  10. a "what if" scenario... GTI --> R32

    I would just like to add a consideration on the GTi vs R32 debate I have been on two test drives of the R32 now both very different experiences. I believe it was due to one being run in properly (by that I mean 4000 miles plus) and the other only had a few miles on the clock. The differences I am on about is that the throttle response was improved on the one with more miles and a much more throaty exhaust note. Obviously this happens with most cars anyway but in both cases , that being the exhaust note and the throttle repspone the changes were significant. The test drive in the one with more miles on the clock left me with a much bigger smile on my face. Having said all that the R32 was still not good enough to justify the 7-8k difference I would have to spend to get one. Still a very happy GTi owner and probably for years to come.
  11. tele option

    Remember thinking the same myself. but I think it was Jeremy putting 2 and 2 together and getting 5 as I don't recall seeing it on any countries option list
  12. Attn: Sussex GTI

    highlines a no brianer for me , its cheap and you can configure lots of options to do with your car, get audio track information and get the dtreet you are on if you have the sat nav, also does advance directions if you have a route active with sat nav.
  13. Cooling the turbo

    Wasn't it said that there is a mechinism to cool it down after you have left the car. I honestly can't remember and I am no mechanic either but something like it pumped oil round to cool it down. Or is this in place but its still advisable to do this anyway. It doesn't state anything in the manual about care for the turbo and as this time the manual is quite comprehensive I would of expected it to be in their Edit: My mistake just seen it says MKiV GTI, please just ingore me
  14. GTI, superb all rounder

    Hi Mike, Just moved house myself 3 days ago with my GTi and I was saying exactly the same, how practical it was for moving. In one trip I moved a 36" CRT TV with stand, a set of shelves and a desk along with other odd and sods. Where as Lagrina's ford focus failed to get the just the TV in. I did encounter a few minor cosmetic marks around the boot area though which took me a few hours to recover from. Now I have excepted these marks as added character to the car.
  15. Steering grinding when stationary!!

    Hi Matt R, I have this problem too. Please enlighten us to what the cure is or did they not have details ?