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  1. Suggested 50mph speed limit on M20...

    50mph on the M20? surely that will cause accidents! i mean, its a race-track, that road and pretty much everyone does between 70 and 100. Luckily for me, i come off at j4 so no silly 50mph nonsense for me but if you know the road you'll know that ALL of the accidents happen at the points where the traffic slows down, usually where the m26 joins.
  2. Split rim alloys - why?

    [ QUOTE ] To make them much, much, much harder to clean. [/ QUOTE ] Like he said - got them on my A3 and wont ever make that mistake again! effin things take 10 times longer to clean compared to my old RS6 reps
  3. Bose logo on startup

    On the old shape A3/S3's the GALA function was disabled for BOSE but its definately enabled on my BOSE'd-up new shape A3. Something must have changed between the models. Both old and new A3's i've had with BOSE have displayed 'bose' on startup, though i rememember that this was certainly configurable on the head unit somehow as some ppl were enabling it and passing off non-bose cars as bose cars to lesser diligent buyers! Dont know if this helps too much, though
  4. Nike+

    i've got Nike+ for my ipod and i think its a good idea. I run quite regularly but like most people, take a break every now and then. i found the nike+ to be a good motivator if nothing more. its good to go online and see how many kilometers you've racked up for example. You can set challenges, etc. If you're looking at starting a fitness plan then the biggest hurdles are getting the motivation to start and then maintaining the motivation to continue so any gadget that can make running more fun is a bonus
  5. 2nd Hand A3 Advice Needed Please

    3k seems about right for a 1.6 a3. You rarely see them going for much more than that these days plus the 1.6 was never the 'one to have'. Thats not so say that its not a good car, but these things count if you want to sell it on. I had on old shape A3 and then the S3 and the only problems i found was the anti-roll bar bushes wear and are a bugger to replace - though not sure if the 1.6 would have the ARB??? The ABS can sometimes play up - the warning light comes on once you go above 15mph. In most cases its just the sensors getting full of crud and a good clean fixes the prob but worth checking cos the pump is costly! To be honest, most of the A3/S3 probs will not apply to the 1.6 so you should be fine. Sounds like a nice car - and Silver looks great on that model. I've seen 1.6's with the 17 inch rs/tt alloys on and they look fantastic. Chuck some facelift rear lights on it and imo you'll have a lovely looking motor
  6. 2.0 TDi Remap advice

    Steve, I went from S4 to an A3 tdi and though i still miss the S4 for the sheer drama, i still love the A3. So fear not - it's not so painful I had the Revo map done to mine (2.0 tdi 140 with DSG) and the difference is realy impressive. LOADS of torque. The only downside is that the 2wd often struggles keeping grip in standard form so with the remap, the ESP goes into overtime in the wet. OK, you get used to the surge and adjust your driving accordingly but i definately think that quattro is the way to go with all of that torque. You can get the Revo on a 5hr trial for free. Just pop down to yer nearest Revo dealer and they can upload the trial software in no time. It's definately worth trying out. Good luck with the new car, Floyd.
  7. Cr*p cars you have a soft spot for....

    I've always hankered after a Metro Turbo. They're supposed to be pretty naff by all accounts but thats not lessened my desire to get one! MK3 Granada - the jellymould one. I just remember loving them as a kid (i was a Ford nut!) and i still think the shape looks good today. Hmmm, i wonder whats on ebay...
  8. A3 2.0 TDI 140 Opinions

    I have an A3 sportback TDI and i really like it overall. I went from an S4 to the a3 so it was quite a leap but i really was so impressed with the a3 that i was prepared to take the 'downgrade'. nearly everyone i know loves it, the looks with the sline kit are nice and mean and to be honest you have to struggle to differentiate the s-line from an S3 in the looks dept. Would i buy another? yeah, but i think i'd go for a tdi 170 for the extra oommph - or maybe a petrol for a quieter journey. Good points - good economy, i regularly get 45+ on journeys - Nice interior, especially on s-line - Pleny of power and torque though more would be welcome! - DSG is great with nice smooth, swift changes. tiptronic is a toy more than anything else though. Bad points: - Engine noise can be intrusive at times - S-line suspension is too harsh - Split rim (calista??) alloys corrode too easily Options i like: - auto-dipping rear and door mirrors are brilliant - auto lights - you'd be suprised what a bind it is having to go back to a car with manual lights! - DSG. as above, its a great toy and a joy in traffic - BOSE, there's LOTS of bass on this one, unlike the earlier a3's. - the car kit cos the bluetooth works great. Options i wish i'd had: - full leather rather than half leather as the material stains easily with kids drinks etc. - multi funtion steering wheel for the phone integration I suppose the best measurement is that i went to the audi dealer a few nights back, just to see if there was anything that excited me...as you do! and i really couldn't see anything that i'd consider chopping in the A3 for. Also, i've kept the A3 for nearly 18 months now and thats good going for me! Hope this helps!
  9. Bass and Bose

    The bose on the old A3/S3 was naff. No matter how much to tinkered with the settings, it never sounded right. Ok, it was LOUD but thats about it. The bose on the new A3/S3 is VERY bassy. My bass very rarely moves from '0' ...expect for when The Prodigy Mindfields is on - then it goes right up to maximum!
  10. oh - and i also have a sqeaky anti-roll bar bush. happens first thing in morning only. All that said, i still love the car.
  11. I know i'm well out of date with this thread but my a3 s-line went to the dealers about 3 times for the same reason. The master-tech did lots of investigations on it and concluded that it was something in the front shock absorbers causing the problem. Again, he said that there's not much that they can do about it really. He raised the issue with audi uk i think. The prob is still there but i've kinda got used to it. it only ever happens when i'm driving over the road humps near where i live so its not the end of the world. Car is currently in for another problem though - smokes like a goodun in traffic jams - its a 2 litre tdi. Again, they're stumped cos it's hard to replicate the issue. as a result i've been looking closer at 2 litre tdi's and i've noticed that they all seem to smoke more than other soot-chuckers. maybe a prob with new 2 litre engine. Definately going for a beemer next time
  12. Buggy in a sportback?

    Yep, our buggy fits into the sportback no probs. I'm not sure what the boot dimensions are but there seems to be very similar width room to the S4. We had a quinny buzz, that fitted ok, bit of a squeeze of course but it fitted. Now we've moved onto strollers and all 3 we've had so far fitted fine
  13. Sporty(ish) and reliable for 3 grand?

    i'd go for the Puma too. I'd remove Saxo from the list purely cos they're so damned unreliable but admittedly, they're a great drive and not too far off the Puma, dynamically. Puma gets my vote! I love em.
  14. My New Z4M Coupe...

    That is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO gorgeous! I never liked the z4 open top very much but the coupe is stunning. I was sat behind one on the motorway a few weeks back and even my wife commented on how nice it looked.
  15. I've had probs with my 6230 and 6230i with my audi phonekit. They connect up fine and I can make calls etc but nobody can hear me. I can hear them. At first i thought it was the phone kit but i tried my sons phone and my wifes phone and they both work fine. When i very first got the car, my 6230i worked fine but for some reason it just stopped working. I tried with my older spare phone, the 6230, and that had the exact same problem. Has anyone else had this problem? any ideas/suggestions?
  16. Maybe thinking of an S4

    Keep the A3 They're damned fine cars.
  17. [ QUOTE ] You sure that's a light sensor? The only thing I've ever noticed is that the one on the right has the flashing LED to let you know the alarm is armed. [/ QUOTE ] Yep - thats what the manual says.
  18. [ QUOTE ] Cheers for the info. Regards the sensors, where's this dash one you mention? My current car has the dimming RVM but not the door mirrors and the only light sensors I've seen are in the mirror itself, one on the front at the bottom to detect light from behind, one on the back of the mirror itself and one on the "bracket" that's stuck to the screen. Not seen one on the dash. [/ QUOTE ] On the centre of the dash, there are 2 sensors. I think one is a light sensor for the aircon and the other is a light sensor for the RVM. It looks like a little 'blob' on the top of the dash. As you say, the other sensor is at the back of the RVM.
  19. [ QUOTE ] [quoteThe wing mirrors have a black rim round the outside of the actual glass - around 0.75cms thick. [/ QUOTE ] Interesting, ta for that. Is this rim the actual light sensor then? I don't know how the mirrors work exactly, whether they have their own sensors on each side or whether they just use the light sensor built into the rear view mirror. [/ QUOTE ] I've got dipping mirrors on my A3. It works in tandem with the auto dipping rear view mirror so if you turn off the dipping rear view mirror, you also turn off the side mirrors. They all use the same sensors (one on dash and one on the rear view mirror) You can tell whether the dipping door mirrors are fitted just by looking at the mirror itself. You will see a slightly darker patch in the mirror where the LCD element is. This goes out to about 5mm from the edge of the mirror. the outer edge will look like a standard mirror. Hope that explains it
  20. Killer S-Line Sports Seats

    [ QUOTE ] [ QUOTE ] [ QUOTE ] It it just me, or has anyone else had similar problems with these seats? Constructive suggestions welcomed! [/ QUOTE ] You're not alone! my seats dont have lumber support and i've noticed that my lower back gets a bit painful after a long journey. They're certainly not the best seats in the world but I also had the same problems with the recaros in both the S3 and the S4. The best seats were the sports seats in the A4. They were perfect! I also wish i'd opted for full leather after my boy spilt cola all over the front seat. leaves a lovely stain [/ QUOTE ] What A4? My B6 S Line are not that great, squab is too long especially for wife, her B5 is a bit better. My S3 was great but it did take a while to get used to them. I've driven my old 80 Sport (1985) a lot recently and they are superior to both B5 & B6...... in a 21 year old car ! [/ QUOTE ] I had a B6 with the leather sports seats. I think the S-line seats may be different. I also found that the leather sports seats on my A3 1.8T were far more comfy than the recaros on the S3 that replaced it. I suppose everyone has their own tastes - i obviously dont get on too well with Recaros or the like. But as someone commented earlier; it's really poor that the seats dont have at least a manual lumbar adjustment bearing in mind that these are 'premium' cars that we're talking about. I took the Cinquecento for a spin last night - now there is an example of a BAD set of seats!!!! i took a corner with a little 'zest' and nearly ended up on my sons lap Audi, you're forgiven
  21. Killer S-Line Sports Seats

    [ QUOTE ] It it just me, or has anyone else had similar problems with these seats? Constructive suggestions welcomed! [/ QUOTE ] You're not alone! my seats dont have lumber support and i've noticed that my lower back gets a bit painful after a long journey. They're certainly not the best seats in the world but I also had the same problems with the recaros in both the S3 and the S4. The best seats were the sports seats in the A4. They were perfect! I also wish i'd opted for full leather after my boy spilt cola all over the front seat. leaves a lovely stain
  22. S4 Info

    Well i've not been the least bit impressed. In the very short time that I had the S4: They fixed my cats and gave the car back with the exhaust blowing. I booked it back in, they tightened but it was STILL blowing. If I can notice it then why the hell couldn't they??? The oil light was showing and they simply topped up the oil without bothering to check the levels. It transpired that the sensor was faulty so they gave the car back to me with the oil levels way over maximum. They had my wheels refurbished and tried to give them to me virtually unlaquered! When i pointed it out, they tried to dismiss it by saying that refurb'd wheels are never as good as new. I KNOW this to not be the case! I was offended that they'd think i was stupid enough to accept something so poor. After 3 attempts they finally got it right. There was one other thing but i'll not go into it on a forum - needless to say, my car wont be going back there again. The sales and the customer service are pretty good - even though they tried wriggling out of their responsibilities when it came to me rejecting the vehical. But the service side has been truly aweful.
  23. S4 Info

    Ahhhh - i still kinda miss me old S4 I've PM'd you Pincher. All of the problems that i had should have been fixed. I've given you the full list of issues that i know of. For 21k i suppose it's worth a punt. I mean, at least you know all of the problems with this car. You could spend £25k and buy into something unknown like I did. Issues aside, the car was awesome and the spec was perfect. The silver leather went really nicely with the black. I was just unlucky to have a bad experience with the car and the dealer pee'd me off a few times mainly by expecting to accept sub-standard quality. Maidstone audi used to be VERY good but i've noticed that their quality standards have dropped over the past 12 months.
  24. Cheap RS6 or Dealer S4 Avant?

    I moved from an A4 tdi avant to an S4 avant for pretty much the same reasons as you. I was spending about £60 per week on fuel for the TDI and this went up to £120 per week for the S4. This is the problem; it's not so bad moving from, say, an S3 or a 3 litre V6 car up to an S4 as the fuel costs aren't quite so scary. However, moving from a TDI to an S4 is effin frightening! That said, the V8 engine is so, so lovely. and it's not 'too' bad on mpg considering the huge amount of power it has. I looked for an S6 too and finding one was so hard and lets face it, there can't be much difference cos they use the same engine. In fact. i was always under the impression that the S4 was 'ever so' slightly quicker. For £27k, you'll find yourself a nice B6 S4. Barter heavily with the dealers as they're plentiful these days and try to find one with Satnav. If you've got nippers like me, avoid silver leather and definately avoid Alcantara!! Happy hunting!
  25. I've got them on my car - they're 18's. Bugger to keep clean, though