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  1. DSG Gearbox Oil

    has anyone had their gearbox oil changed in their DSG gearbox. I had a letter the other day from VW staing that at 40k miles the box needed doing. I contacted VW and asked how much, they said about £250, imo this seems a lot. Apparently the service includes oil, filter and washers and a special tool is required..and it takes about an hour to do......
  2. Fixed cost maintenance - the result

    The package included the MOT cost, which is due at the end of May.......
  3. When l bought my GTI in June 2005, l took out a fixed cost maintenance contract with VW. £28 ppm was the price that cover everything inc tyres over 36000 miles. Here is a breakdown of what l had......... 3 x services 8 tyres (Continental SportContact2) 2 pairs of front wiper blades 1 rear wiper blade 1 x air con recharge. 2 x headlight lamps 1 complete set of front brake pads 1 complete set of rear brake pads Total price paid to VW = £1008 Did l get my money's worth? I wonder what that lot would have cost.......
  4. Receently l noticed on my 2005 GTI (DSG), creaking from the front suspension on cold days. I booked it into local VW dealer for investigation. I was surprised to find that they had diagnosed the fault as being the lower control arm bushes. VW fixed this by replacing both front lower control arms under warrently. Brilliant. No more squeeking. Apparently, speed humps (which there are loads of in SW London)are the culprits for my worn bushes.
  5. Ed30 shot at

    This country's f****d
  6. Scratched....

    Same thing happenned to mine, but both sides were done. I will have to pay 400 quid excess to get it done, trouble is l don't lnow who did it. I AM LIVID
  7. Is anyone's remapped GTI blow black smoke?

    The engine on the mk5 gti is turbocharged and therefore the fuel to air mixure is quite rich, hence all your exhaust pipes have black sooty deposites inside them. Under normal driving the soot builds up inside your exhaust but when you accelerate hard the sooty deposites get blown out of the exhaust, this will happen on all TFSi cars, not just remapped ones as they are all tuned to run on a rich fuel air mixture.
  8. I have pink brake callipers!!!!

    just give them a polish with some t cut....good as new..........
  9. rumbling from the back wheels

    hey, have you been doing a few hand brake stops or turns? Sounds like you have a flat spot on the tyre, it wont go away, you have to replace the tyre...
  10. VW have a fix for speedo overreading

    [ QUOTE ] [ QUOTE ] if the speedo is out 10% then surely the mileage is out 10%. ie. 20000 miles equates to 2000 miles.... [/ QUOTE ] I'm no mathmatician but wouldn't it equate to 18k miles, not 2k? Besides which, the milometer and the speedometer use different sensors to do their job (for some reason). The mileometer uses the more reliable digital speedometer, which can be seen via the climate control display if you know the right codes... [/ QUOTE ] 2000 miles less, not in total!!!!!!!!! my maths is not that bad.
  11. VW have a fix for speedo overreading

    if the speedo is out 10% then surely the mileage is out 10%. ie. 20000 miles equates to 2000 miles....
  12. I have a navigation DVD v3 of Europe for sale anyone interested pm me contact details.
  13. 05 GTI wouldn't start........

    Vehicle went to dealers on wednesday, they "flashed" the ECU to fix the problem, now its back to standard 200bhp and will require a return visit to AmD for the remap to be re "flashed" back onto the ECU. I wonder whether the updated ECU will revert back to the pre VW install and the problem of not starting will return after it goes back to AmD.....
  14. I was at IKEA the other day, did my shopping the let wife with stuff and collected car and drove over to loading area, loaded the car jumped in ready for the off, turmed the key and the enfine crancked over and over but would not start. Tried this three times but it still wouldn't start. Went to calll VAG assistance, thought l would give it another go....hurray the thing started...l booked it into dealer tomorrow. Any thoughts..has this happenned to anyone else. Thanks
  15. air con rattle

    It is a 2005 GTI.