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  1. I also run the F1's at 2.4 bar (recommended) and have not noticed them much lower than the original conti's that were on. Certianly not with the front wheels straight on..
  2. How old? / What mileage? / what problems?

    April 2005 71,000 km's Coil-over failed on No 2 cylinder, limped to dealer to replace - no problems since Window in driver door pops 'down' when requested to go up from half way. Still Dubbin'...
  3. Bent my Gti

    Typically cases are only made when a party is not insured, and they need to recover the cost of repair. We are both insured so no problem. Yes its true some people (overloaded taxi's with 16 people) don't have insure....
  4. Bent my Gti

    It's been 3 years since my golf arrived and sadly last Monday, I ran out of talent and drove into a Toyota bakkie. She was moving and about 15m in front, and while I spotted some police at the side of the road (doing about 40km/h), she had stopped for a bike in front of her and as I looked back, there it was...a big TOYOTA sign that filled my windscreen. ABS went on, handbrake went up but sadly not enough distance between us. About 6,000 quid damage that the insurers will have to cough up. I am gutted!
  5. When I say sorted - I meant bedded down and settled on the car. The Conti's gave me 60,000km's and the new F1's are at 3000km's. Nitrogen is supplied at all reputable tyre fitters in Jo'burg and every 2 months or so I pop in for a check at any fitter and top up, which is free. The initial conversion to Nitrogen is about 4 quid per tyre.
  6. I've had the F1 Asymmetrics (replaced Conti's) for about 3,000k's now and they are well sorted. Running nitrogen. We've also had huge downpours in the last month and they feel solid goind thru standing water at speed and in the corners. My 2c.
  7. Be careful there Claus.......Please!!!

    Well said KingSize.....
  8. Be careful there Claus.......Please!!!

    Steady on! would do well to have a car from Uitenhage (not Durban). Export quality coming out of that factory
  9. Valued opinions please guys...

    For what its worth rather leave the bottom section black if you must but not the mid section. Like OliH I had my mid bumper section done in black on black and although wasn't bad to looks finished now (oh and side skirts are also smoothed and painted) My 2c
  10. dinged again - neighbour this time!

    Why don't you just get down to Halfords and buy him a set of anti-door bump strips as a present to put on his truck doors. That'll give him the necessary message...
  11. A winning Mk1....

    This may not be the most obvious answer, but its worth what someone is willing to pay for can be valued at 5k quid but if someone is willing to pay 7k then that's what its worth
  12. that's what u get for not reading the entire post!
  13. what make of rubber r u running on the rims?
  14. Few noob questions....

    The beep on your radio happens when the TP button is pressed 'on'. So everytime you change stations it beeps if its not a traffic carrying channel. The tailgate release is a mystery when I press mine for about 2-3 sec I can then open the back door no prob. You can lock the doors by just pushing the locking/opening button next to inside door handle..
  15. 1st Service Prices

    Excuse my ignorance here but why are you guys paying for your services - do you not get the automotion plan to 100,000 km's with the car? My 15k service cost me the price of the oil I wanted and supplied.