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  1. The guy will be liable for any insurance claims as the owner of the vehicle. As somebody pointed out earlier, he's responsible for ensuring the driver of his vehicle is insured, licenced and otherwise legal to do so. I imagine as he knew full well she was also over the limit, he'd be liable to some sort of criminal justice as well. However, the actions of the driver, unless under instruction by a DSA ADI, are their actions and theirs only. The guy can't be done on the premise that he should have told her to slow down. What if he did and she didn't listen? It's her decision as a fully licenced driver. And decisions have consequences, which she's paying for now. So yes, he'll have some sort of criminal sentencing for letting her drive the car. However, I'm almost positive that it can't possibly be for death by dangerous driving, simply for the fact that he wasn't driving. Perhaps being an accessory to death by dangerous driving would pass?
  2. It might be your birthday mate...but no.
  3. new Mac mini's

    [ QUOTE ] have also heard that another update is on the cards for sept 20th possibly an upgrade to G5 processor [/ QUOTE ] Will that be for the same price as it is at the minute - or anything within £100 of what it is now?
  4. Torquay spotting

    I'll make a point of changing my bright orange swimming shorts as well
  5. Torquay spotting

    On shoot for Rolling Stone with a £90 digital camera - only an idiot would believe it. ...but I'll give it a go! Maybe I should make some fake release forms to go with it.
  6. What men do when left alone....

    [ QUOTE ] I get to Archbis then I run out of steam. [/ QUOTE ] I'd probably get to 'Ar' and run out of steam, but it's rare that I ever burp, so I'll probably forget to give it a go when one turns up.
  7. When's that ever going to actually happen on a Volvo, though? And why's the lady appear to have kept her trousers right up?
  8. Petrol/diesel prices.

    Pay 90.9ppl for shell unleaded?
  9. Torquay spotting

    Yeah: I couldn't tell them where to stand and how to pose, so I had to get what I was given.
  10. Torquay spotting

    No, it's those two things in skirts that I'm looking at. They're called females. The majority of blokes have sex with others like them and as such tend to be attracted to them.
  11. Torquay spotting

    It's in the pram to the left of the tent. I might look like a rapist, but I don't kidnap kids (or anyone for that matter.... )
  12. Thorburn...was that you?

    Speaking of S4's, I've never seen one before in the metal - but today, while driving around Cleethorpes, trying to get around without people shouting 'rapist, rapist!!!' at me, I saw TWO! I was amazed. They're quite lovely, aren't they.
  13. Torquay spotting

    Damn I almost forgot about this classic bit of spotting I did in Torquay! An interesting story behind it too. Look at the photo first... I couldn't stop staring at them, so one of them said 'Why don't you take a picture, it'll last longer' So that's exactly what I did.
  14. What's the line of uppercase W's for? Did the lady next to you not appreciate him saying that he fecks yer mam's pu55y and geese and stuff? Tell her to stop being such a miserable old bat.
  15. He's a legend