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  1. EVO: 5 things that are wrong with F1

    Lewis what are your thoughts on the fastest car in the world? The Golf GTi, obviously. Oi New Nice Mr Me or whatever your name is, I am NOT 55. Sod off.
  2. EVO: 5 things that are wrong with F1

    Does Nicole not use your chopper now Lewis?
  3. MkV DSG - failed!

    My mate bought an 05 plate DSG GTi about 7 weeks ago. Got a 3 month AA warranty with it as she got it from a smallish garage in London. 1k limit on the warranty...per issue. Yesterday - in traffic driving to work and a weird clicking noise started. Then nothing, no gears, no drive. Engine revs but no movement. Lights flashing on the dash where the PDS6 insert bit is. Engine management light also on. Had to be flat bedded to the local dealer and awaiting diagnosis. My thoughts are a possible mechantronic failure? Its done around 65K miles. DSG oil change was done when she bought it, goodness knows its history before that. If this is a mechatronic failure does she have any recourse with VW for its failing? I think I've read something about people campaigning for the DSG units to be covered for up to 100k miles, but I may be dreaming. I am guessing its previous maintenance could be taken up here - I have a horrible feeling this car has not been cherished.... She is hoping it might be a faulty "switch" or a benign glitch... Thanks for any help. Lottie :D
  4. MkV R32 Fault Code - anyone help?

    The R32 hasn't had the best week. Last weekend a coil pack went but this was all sorted on Monday, and it seemed to be running fine and dandy. Popped into APS today to get them to turn off the service indicator warning (they forgot when it was serviced about 3k ago) and a fault code was also thrown up - must have happened since Monday when the garage that switched my coil pack cleared down all the fault codes. It said: Cam position sensor fault. Upper limit passed. It had only counted this fault once. WTF does it mean?! Ed at APS said "its unusual" and to drive it over weekend then we'll run the scan again on Monday or Tuesday and see if it is recurring. If it is, it'll need to spend some time with them to see what might be going on. No engine management lights. Car feels fine to drive, although it may be my mind but I sense a wee flat spot on rare occasions at around 85ish. Could just be me looking for faults though, or my heavy foot trainers today. When I see the word "cam" and "limit" in the same line as R32 I fret. Time for a switch back to a TT perhaps?!! Thanks if anyone can help! Lottie
  5. MkV R32 Fault Code - anyone help?

    Popped back to APS yesterday - fault code was back, and being thrown up constantly even when clearing it and then driving it into workshop.....Andy and Gary did some stuff on the VAG COM and think it may be an electrical glitch. Some twiddling and kind of unplugging etc and I took it away and will pop down later to see if it shows again. If its still registering its a cam problem. This is not good. Major engine work, gearbox out, yada yada....and a big bill. VW may help I guess, its only 3.5 years old, but I am really hoping it was a glitch on the sensor communicating with the car....fingers crossed.... TTRS still way too costly.......may have a quick shiftie at the TTS Used Approveds though.....;-)
  6. Kat does The Ugly Dance

    I was crying with laughter. I love it.
  7. MkV DSG - failed!

    Well VW say that the gearbox has had catastrophic failure - the internal parts are breaking up and have damaged the valve body. New gearbox required - cost of circa 3.5K....NICE. My view is this needs to be taken back into the arena of the garage that sold it to her. VW are meant to be letting her know if they'll contribute to cost but given that the FSH isn't VW (Kwik Fit eeeek) then who knows... A costly 9 weeks of ownership so far.... Lottie
  8. MkV DSG - failed!

    Cheers burble I'll get her to have a look through the history - when she bought it I asked her if it had had all the DSG changes etc done, I have a feeling that the 60k change was the first time it had ever been looked at. I know on my R32 DSG I'm a little bit paranoid about APS looking after it properly, but I have a feeling her GTi hasn't been loved..... She's still waiting for VW to get back to her... Lottie
  9. Newbie suspension advice

    Hi there Not sure where you are based but I'd recommend APS (Automotive Performance Services) in Brackley who know TTs and Audi inside out. They did all the work on al 3 of my previous TTs and could recommend what bushes etc to replace the OEM ones with. I've used H & R springs and Koni sports chocks on mine in the past and been very happy with the results. APS Homepage
  10. Six die in car crash in Nottinghamshire

    Thoughts with everyone, for the 4 friends in the car and the elderly couple - probably someone's parents wiped out and 4 families lost children. Sad news all round, no winners whoever (if anyone) was at fault.
  11. Cars that look sh*t...but are surprisingly good.

    The feck-ugly bread van that is the one-series - it shouldn't do but it drives far better than most other cars it competes with, even in basic form. Puma wasn't ugly IMO, it did sit quite high but when it came out it kind of broke the mould for Ford's design - despite being a Fiesta in a cat suit. Loved mine, did 78K miles in with no problems and it was the first car I had had that you could actually take a corner in with some enthusiasm.
  12. 2.7T re map

    We've had a 2.5TDi A6 allroad remapped by APS: APS Homepage in Brackley, Northants. They've also remapped my 2.0T TT and my previous TTqS. Superb guys. The allroad is an auto box and it copes with it fine, but you MUST get a map done by someone who knows the car and what it can handle. Mileage isn't a problem, but there may be different ways of remapping depending on the engine. Give Ed a call there and chat it through. I wouldn't trust my cars to anyone else.
  13. I lost my baby ....

    PP I'm sorry you're having a tough time and I hope things look up. No quick way to get over things like this, take one day at a time and be kind to yourself and each other. SB, I had no idea that you and Mel had split up. Not been on tsn very much over the past year, but things had seemed so good. Hope you are still on the up and staying positive! (as I am SURE you are!!!)
  14. Portchester meet 6th December

    Robin - its NOT a Q7!!!!! And it isn't that expensive either.....
  15. Portchester meet 6th December

    Definitely one of us there, and probably both of us. In something large, dark, quattro and tractor like.....
  16. AOL Conectivity

    Not 100% sure but I had a similar problem when I used AOL a while back - something had got changed on the proxy settings or something so whilst the router and laptop could see each other, it couldn't find the actual internet. I think it was a call to AOL to sort it. Thats always painful. Might also be worth checking the firmware on the router - again had a similar problem on the Linksys router with BT a while back and a remote firmware upgrade sorted it. I hated AOL, they drove me to insanity! Hope it gets sorted.
  17. In the asylum we had ducted Sky from a central dish as it was Listed and no dishes on the houses...maybe you could arrange with a neighbour to use their dish? Would need some cabling though I guess, but can't be impossible......:confused:
  18. What do neighbours do? I can't believe no one else in your street has freesat or Sky either - maybe they can recommend someone who can install an aerial that picks up the signals? Otherwise there is always i player.....
  19. Took a test drive - I want one!

    Having lived without xenons on the TT for a year I'd say definitely include them. Its the thing I miss the most. But check out the availability - VW have been having problems with the xenon unit on the Scirocco.
  20. Portchester meet 6th December

    I'll need to check but I think we are around that weekend so it would be good to see you all - we can do the parents afterwards for a cup of tea. Are you booking a table? I'll confirm by this weekend.
  21. Can I join the party?.. Please?

    Probably would never buy one...but out of the big bus type things on the road I do think they look the best of all - and you cannot fault the interior, you could live in it if your house burnt down. And that colour is the best for it. FAR better than having an X5 with a plate on it X5 DAV And if it snows, you'll be laughing. :D
  22. Rodents !

    Do you want to borrow a top notch mouse hunter? She is good. Top tally is 6 in an afternoon. Failing that, I fear the old splat inhumane variant traps are the last resort you may have to go to.....
  23. Shark, it was just a DVD player with the TV and we had the speakers already so No, not the whole lot. BUt Comet did have some excellent deals on TVs and surround sound stuff, plus we were able to haggle the price they had displayed. They need to sell at the moment, so get them to drop the stupid extended warranty sales pitch and knock some cash off the price.
  24. We got a package of 42" Samsung with a DVD player that upgrades the DVDs to HD or something like that and a matching dark glass stand for about £700 from Comet. The Samsung has an excellent quality picture and from past experience they are reliable. We looked at a 50" but even in a relatively big lounge with it well at one end of the room it was way too dominating. The 42" isn't exactly petite but its just right now for the room balance, and with decent speakers added in the viewing experience is great. Wall mounting must be at the right level too because if you're looking up, in my view it wrecks the whole experience and you may as well get a 17" telly and a membership to a chiropractor. . I'd say that if the room is longer than it is wide and you shove 50"s on a wall then you'll be to close to view it properly unless you're in the garden, cricking your neck. We used to have a swivel out stand that worked with on a 37", you could push it flat against the wall when not watching it, and it was the right height.
  25. Audi Driver Day - 11th October

    Isn't that an RS4.......? Oh dear, that might need more than a tad of Scratch X. And I hear rumours it wasn't even his car.....